Show Lyrics

Redeemed Thought - Welcome
(from the album Truth, Beauty, Goodness)
© copyright 2004

Verse 1: MUZE ONE
Welcome all, don't sit down gather 'round/
Surround the sound thumpin' as the people get down/
We got a special show planned filled with mics and swords/
Guest of honor of this life is CHRIST THE LORD!//
The GOD-MAN, cross-bearing, tomb-breakin', sin-stomper/
Saving thugs with guns and Arabics with rocket launchers/
The God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel/
Is the same God indwelling muze and Steve L/
Released from hell's grip this group of two dudes/
Pack enough Spirit juice to knock your tooth loose/
This troop swoops to uproot souls like poop scoops/
Introduce Truth to youth rockin' boots or zoot suits/
Were gonna tear the roof off, but first we gotta pay dues/
To the God who aced death and raised to save you/
All praise to YHWH, it's for Him we flow/
So sit back, relax, listen and enjoy the show!..

Verse 2: Steve
While these other cats scream on the mic "who's the man"/
We break mics for Christ and scream "Nehushtan!"/
One cord with one more, two strands/
Less than four unless the Lord has new plans/
Much more to do, move to new lands/
Cali to Philly I'm slappin' ya silly with two hands/
(Right) cross in hand the Word of Truth stands/
(Left) hooks and lines baited with crew chants/
Come move your pants dude here's your chance/
Raise the floor and praise the Lord like true fans/
Underground gospel sound for Jews and/
Gentiles flippin' styles like when crews dance/
We keep it subterrainean not subliminal/
Preach to Gospel to save Annie and a smooth criminal/
So all my saints make some noise/
While we pack the gifts and scripts like chips in chips ahoy!.

Wed like to welcome everybody to the mind of Christ/
Where the Truth is the Word and the Word is Life/
May the Beauty of the Lord shine bright tonight/
Through the beats we use and rhymes we recite/
And let the Goodness of the Lord be told/
As we impart the gospel and our very own souls/
The war to restore the balance has begun/
So let's spark the count down for the anthem/
In nine, eight, Stephen, six, five, four, three, muzeONE...