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Bugg - Out Tha Darkness

The world behind me, the cross before me. Step out the darkness into
the light, no turning back, no turning back.

The Cursed enter into the Generation of Apocalypse
Diamond of Hope, dat rock is chipped
Pregnancy and a doctor visit equals unremembered funeral
Prophets of doom on street corners makin sounds thats gutteral
Alien conspiracy fanatics nuthin in the attic raisin Federal B.I.
I see time fly we're here, is there a reason why?
Daytime disfigurin into night the sun still shinin but its hot not bright
Bullets fly homicides thousands people stumble on the journey to Shaolin of
Mecca, Lies they been served a double-decker
Look at the clock look again triple-checka 3 years till calenders spin still
it dont get no better
Some doubt that theres a God...well His servants do make trustin us kinda
Meanwhile soldiers of the devil draftin more daily to leap into the melee
While Holy rollers sit back and play a yukelele
Really, Dear God very few ever find Thee true numbers very tiny but remember
Satan comes as a false angel thats shiny and glitters
While Gods radiance blinds them quitter yet provides a streetlight for the
Step out the dark before triple-6 to yo head is stapled.

Yall wouldnt fall down stairs if you didnt trip over sets
Everyday mental Russian roulette demons playin merrily
The fact being the world can get worse, just barely
Killers padded fleet feet buckshot leapin
I wont lie its scarin me Mother Earths lifeline not beepin
An old lady murdered so they could take the food she was eatin
Jails overstocked spillin over wit shelves piles
When I lived without Jesus, I never smiled
Its "mr. coroner, another murder!" "a'ight, heres a file"
While street walkers curse the name of Gods Holy child
More kids in gangs than gradeschool we been actin' like fools
Lady Liberty, its clear to me you and Uncle Sam raisin yo younguns in the
Village of the......

Swingin Gods Word like a bloody sword sayin yall dont know the Lord
You say you aint down wit Christianity but you never experienced it
But just cause they holla 'Lord Lord" dont get em in Heaven
Death of yo flesh is the only way to keep livin...Im dead yet i still breathe
The devil hates my vital suicidal tendencies
Pew-sitters hate me for my flava dependency
Most of yall cant stand my love for the Savior somehow Im an enemy
The conspiracy aint too clear to me but at least yall hearin me
Homies I wouldnt give my life to a lie now are we eye-to-eye?
The B.I.B.L.E. yeah dat be the artillery for me 5:18 of Ephesians
Get filled wit da Spirit next verse praise the Lord while you still breathin