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shai linne - Slow Down
(from the album Why Hiphop?)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1:
Behold, Jehovahís prophets in the wilderness
Unfold the scroll, the contents of my syllabus
Everybody want the fast life, but fast life equals fast death
Where do you go after your last breath?
Thatís the question that we stressing
Expressions of reverence for your blessing
So check the lesson in the message
The message in the lesson will break the chains of addiction
The strains of affliction
Shackles of oppression
Our country go to war for money while the poor and hungry live in tabernacles of depression
Now we're here to expose the prince of power of the air
Because the final hour it is near
And Satan might creep, so awake my peeps
From your late night sleep, gone astray like sheep
Donít wait too late and say "I wish knew then what I know now"
All Iím saying is "slow down".

Slow down
You gotta slow down (2x)

Verse 2:
The radio refuse to play stuff like this
ĎCause theyíre shady, so, they choose the unrighteous
They want your minds- vain guys long for power
Labels pay 'em to play the same five songs an hour
A lot ainít even hot: in fact,
I heard the same song so many times, I almost forgot it was wack
When the same message is pumped repeatedly
Maybe not immediately; But sooner or later, the seed will be a tree
You're crazy if you donít think it affect the minds of the kids
When their favorite rapper be flossiní the diamonds and cribs
In their rhyming it's fibs about grabbing techs to blast ya
But heís a slave: a record exec his master
One out of every four black males have been arrested
One out of every three females have been molested
You donít see the connection, you living on the surface
Why would you choose to be ignorant on purpose?
The light in this world is really dim
When 9 year old girls wanna grow up to be like Lilí Kim
14, eyes on the guy with the Range Rover
He ainít sober, she still believed the things he told her
Now he got a new lady, so for him it may be over
But for her it's just beginning, sheís pushing a baby stroller
Saying,"I wish I knew then what I know now"
Somebody should have told her "slow down".


Verse 3:
As long as me and DJ Essence record new joints
Best believe, son, youíre gonna get the Lordís viewpoint
Most won't feel it due to hardness of the heart
For light has come into the world but men love the dark
You donít have to show a child how to be disobedient
They already know how, theyíre wired to be deviant
What do you say about someone who dwells with fools?
And when did it become a bad thing to do well in school?
I guess because you failed you cool? Thatís absurdity
Thatís why youíre allergic to what I fervently kick verbally
You know your mindstate is secular
When your eyes are dry while a sky high crime rate is regular
Extortion, pride, weed, abortion, lies, greed
Whores that got fees- the Lord is not pleased
Think about it logically
If God doesnít judge America, He owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology
Thatís why Christ came to take the wrath and the pain
Laughs and the shame, on our behalf He was slain
Trust Heís resurrected Ďcause the sacrifice went well
And forever you'll be glad where the righteous dwell
Imagine spending half of your life in a cell
And die just to spend your afterlife in hell
Saying, "I wish I knew then what I know now"
The whole time God was saying "slow down".


As the world goes around
People drown
In the evil that abounds
It's deep and profound
Media trying to drown out the sound
Of the Lord saying, "Boys and girls- slow down"