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Mynista - Found Me
(from the album Da Ghetto Shepherd)
© copyright 2005, Warria Records


Um on the gring tryna stack up my pesos,
I got the dank he got the yayo.
Feels like I'm on the devil 's payroll,
he don't got the last say so... (2x)

(Vs 1)-

Born in sin, born in hood,
drank malt liqour, smoke on wood,
snatch yo necklace if I could,
good is wrong, wrong is good.
Broke again, put on hood,
shook him down right where he stood.
She was his, now she's mine,
bout to be some fist flying.
by some bling, now I shine,
but inside I'm really dying,
lost, GOD knows um trying,
I don't see no one trying,
to find me, a deaf blind sheep,
all I know is all I know,
keep hearing a knock on do',
not even the physical,
can't explain the feeling tho'
this is something spiritual,
GOD found me...


(Vs 2)-

Death is cheap, smoke a sack,
Hennessy, lemon with that,
red eyes, womanize,
got me in some soul ties.
still not satisfied,
so I try exstacy,
and it got the best of me,
added to my leprosy.
now I'm ravin, mis-behavin,
gettin deep, now I'm wadin,
evil like Wes Cravin,
Edgar Allen Poes "The Raven".
GOD is on His throne, and GOD is still savin'
I was dirty lookin like a bowl of gravy baby,
I was dirty lookin like a bowl of gravy baby,
I was dirty lookin like ah...
He found me...

(Chorus End)