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Timothy Brindle - Love Music
(from the album The Great Awakening)
© copyright 2003

Verse 1:
He traded me, His Life for my death
He paid the fee, His strife for my breath
My groans were bitter, when I was a lonely critter
At sin's slave auction- He was the only bidder
Although I had no purpose- a useless tool
I felt so worthless- the rudest clueless fool
Deserving Hell from the first offense
But He paid an infinite price when I wasn't worth a cent!
I wasn't worth a dime,
But He searched to find me in dirt and slime and turpentine
I'd feed my soul with the themes of Beezebul
Who'd of thought that these deeds would be redeemable?
But You're Gracious, Compassionate, Forgiving, Personal
Patient, Immaculate, You're Giving, Merciful
Your Anger You don't retain because
You delight in unchanging Love!!!

1st Chorus: Gina
Your Blood covers me-Your Blood covers me
This is real Love

Verse 2L
You mean I'm a love gift from the Father to the Son?
The Blood dripped so it could awesomely be done
He clothed me, when I was naked in nudity
His grace is my jewelry, I praise Him for choosin' me!
Was it something I did? Cuz I was the quickest to doubt
Quivel, bicker and shout, I couldn't figure it out
Was it my righteousness?, it couldn't be
'Cause I have no likes of this, there's nothing good in me
But You pre-ordained that I would see Your pain
Be convicted of sin, and then scream Your Name
It's real grace that You planned for me
To be placed in Your family before creating humanity
This treasure is ill
You made me ya brethren and placed me in Heaven
Out of Your pleasure and will
The Father Elected me, The Son's blood set me free,
Regenerated by the Spirit- He let me see!!!

2nd Chorus:
Sweet Election!!! 2x
This is real love

This is the Greatest Love Story
You made Yourself poor then gave Your Blood for me
You're praised with much Glory (2x)

Verse 3:
Tim's terrible soul's an embarrassment
But He gave me an imperishable inheritance
I would run from Him often
Now I cry: Abba! Father!
'Cause I'm His son through adoption
I'll be adoring His face in glorification
As co-heirs with Christ it's more than amazin!
I'll say it for sure Your Grace I adore
Let's just stay on the floor and praise Him some more!
You're combined in Union
Who are You to be mindful of humans?
We're blindfolded, ruined
Craving evil, I too relished it
Now I'm swept in the Love of the Triune Fellowship!
When I hated Him, and was a slave to sin,
He laid down His Life, just to take me in
Some murderous but my scum's dirtiest
None deservin' this, let's focus on our unworthiness

3rd chorus:
Abba! Father! 2x
This is real Love. 2x

this is the Greatest Love Story
You made Yourself poor, then gave Your Blood for me
You're praised with much Glory (2x)

Romans 8:35 "Who can separate us from the love of Christ?"
John 15:13 "Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down His life for His friends.