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Timothy Brindle - Word of God
(from the album The Great Awakening)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1:
This Christian is radical/
Whatís written is factual/
Let me first establish that all (Holy) scriptureís infallible/
Its God breathed His Word He exhaled/
To the blind in the spirit, makes the text Braille/
Embrace His mysteries, look and take a glance/
At the greatest history book, no fate or chance/
Because His word never fails unlike men who are sinning/
By His word Heís declared the end from the beginning/
And His plan of salvation is solely through scripture/
God reveals Himself yet itís only a whisper/
To speak to man Heís greatly condescended/
But only His Spirit can make you comprehend it/
But we canít grasp the whole of it itís impossible/
Because the fact this Holy writ is inexhaustible/
Yet you claim His word has contradictions/
ĎCause you donít have the Spirit and youíre not a Christian/
Imposters cannot see it with binoculars/
And only the canons inspired not the Apocrypha/
Ignoring the facts of it is horribly hazardous/
And I can assure you itís historically accurate/
See the text we hold/
Is the Dead Sea scrolls/
And we testify that it sets free souls/
And renews the mind/
Of these dudes who rhyme/
And fiends who used to fry/
And inject needles.

Grass where this flowers fade/
But the word of God endures forever/
A perfect treasure repeated 3x
Grass where this flowers fade/
But the Holy word of God endures forever and ever//

Verse 2:
Why there certain guys ignoring the fact/
That the Bible is the churches final authority black/
My brothers it is for sure/
We call the Bible Holy because itís set apart from all other literature/
And forget philosophy His word has got to be the real/
Because itís the only Holy book where prophecy fulfilled/
I was a foul pagan/
But mind you Iím now stating/
How the word of God made me wise the salvation/
Meet the Savior on a piece of paper/
See the glory of Christ Heís the Creator/
And each page has a really meaty flavor/
So we should savor it not say ĎIíll read it later.í/
But make it our life
And our great delight/
Hide it in our hearts
Meditating on it day and night/
And be firmly rooted right next to Jesus/
Using hermeneutics and tight exegesis/
We should give God the glory/
Preach expository/
While teaching kids like "montesorri /
Be diligent to endure it and fear it/
Be killing sin by the sword of the Spirit/
Satan despises me/
It angers society/
That we speak in a biblical language variety/
Because it reveals that mankind is sinful/
But it revives the soul/
And makes wise the simple.

The Word of God observe His law/
See our need for Christ shows weíre surely flawed/
The Word of God observe His law/
See your need for Christ shows youíre surely flawed//

Verse 3:
Yo, instead of reading it we sit and we watch/
The idiot box, picking our crotch/
Fixing our thoughts on wickedest plots/
Our cultureís acted pitifully/
And Satan uses the wide spread lack of literacy/
See the world is deceptive/
And itís horrid and wretched/
Because of itís man made morals and ethics/
Itís subjective poop/
Misdirects the youth/
But Godís law is the only objective truth/
See lots of mens conventions are smart/
But only the word can judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart/
And the wordís suffice/
To give eternal life/
Because faith comes through hearing/
Hearing through the word of Christ/
A call to all/
And Iím not insulting yíall/
But the Spirit by the word saves without an alter call/
And through it His sheep hear the voice of the Shepard/
Once poisonous lepers now rejoicing forever/
Saved by His healing tongue/
The Spirit of God uses the Word of God to reveal the Son/
Umm, come consider this/
We once were wisdom less/
Because without the Spirit the words are a bunch of gibberish/
And without Him your still doomed with Satan/
Because only He gives the words: illumination/
Itís a sharp blade, it imparts Grace/
And sparks faith, a lamp shining in a dark place/
Christians always asks, Ďwhatís God will for me?í /
Well itís found in His word search with humility/
The man of Godís equipped thereís no complications/
The scriptures efficient apart from confirmation/
According to scriptures Christ died in our (stead?)/
And itís according to the scriptures that He rised from the dead/
Our only thing that the only thing that's tangible to focus on Emmanuel/
Itís our rock and itís our hope/
And itís our Holy manual.