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Timothy Brindle - The Intercession
(from the album The Great Awakening)
© copyright 2003

Verse 1:
The pain she feels makes me squeal/
It deeply grieves me, I pray You heal/
Her strife that seems cancerous/
Her soul cries out to You, please answer it/
Confused by illusions, and she's depressed/
Her feelings are to deep, they can't be expressed/
By sinful words she knows she needs You Lord, but feels trapped by her sinful urge/
She writes the dopest poetry/
While crying her thoughts, her emotions spoke to me/
Battered and bruised, and torn and scraped/
Shattered, abused and thorned and raped/
Splattered and used and scorned and ripped apart/
I failed when I tried to stitch her heart/
But You're the Great Physician/
You make incisions so I pray for her, and I have faith You'll listen.

Hook: Jas knight

Verse 2:
Our love was so deep, I knew she was right/
To soon be my wife/
Then she introduced me to Christ/
Lord! You allowed her to bring me to You/
You found her first when I was bound by dirt/
Then she bounced to the air-force in Texas/
Where dreams get re-enforced of a Porsche or Lexus/
By the time I was baptized she would back slide/
Then she started drinking mad wine/
Now she's convinced that it all was a waste/
That You used her for me, and that she's fallen from grace/
And everyday she's stressed and aching/
Thinking her destination is reprobation/
So now I simply plead and intercede/
‘Cause my sister needs to be stripped and freed/
Of her sickness and her sin and greed/
Show her Jesus, that's why You were sent to bleed.


verse 3
I was gonna ask her to marry me/
But after three years I broke up with this African Cherokee/
I never thought we'd break and split/
But for the sake of Christ I gave up the relationship/
I felt like a piece of me broke/
I couldn't breathe I would choke/
But Jesus! You were the reason I coped/
She was my dreams and my hope/
But what grieved me the most is that we were unequally yoked/
Now every night I stay on face/
To embrace the Savior and I pray her pain is erased/
Give her the bread that You are at Your supper/
Heal her! She thinks she's been created to suffer/
But You're near to those who call on Your name/
In truth, so please take away all of her pain/
She seeks and swims to search for peace within/
But she'll never find it being deep in sin/
She thinks she's out-sinned Your grace/
With a thousand mistakes/
Show her how sin's erased/
By taking her to the scene of the Cross/
Where You bleeded a lot so she could be easily washed/
Jesus she sees that she's lost/
So leave Your others and return this lost sheep to Your flock/
Take control, You're the everlasting Master/
Just save her soul, I don't even have to have her.