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Timothy Brindle - Glorious
(from the album The Great Awakening)
© copyright 2003

Verse 1
What's the deal with all these racist people?
All sinners are created equal!
We got the same disease, there's only one medicine
We can't change our steez, so the Son deaded sin
If you're chillin' without the Awesome God-Man
Then you're buildin' your house on top of soft sand
Then you all will flop and fall and drop
Unless you crawl on top The Solid Rock
Your talk is cheap, you missed His program
He washed our feet, let's kiss His toe jam!
I spit these rhymes with a fishing line
And God got my back like a "kick-me" sign
I was a rotten animal, a lost abandoned soul
Now I eat of Christ's body, but I'm not a cannibal
By His grace, I bomb fun rhyme schemes
With more verses of praise then Psalm 119

Surely His Story is Glorious plus more than this
to ignore His gift that's an enormous risk (2x)

Verse 2:
I'm rowdy and shoutin' about Calvary Mountain
Cowards that doubt Him can drown in a fountain
Now I'm just countin' down to see the face of Jesus
He makes the taste of His grace the sweetest
My cup runneths over, Yo son, Jehovah
Says to come to Him whether drunk or sober
So drop on your knees yo, if your coughin' your weed bro,
God is my Hero, not Robert DeNiro!
I'd smoke and get arrested, I was slow and ineffective,
But hope is manifested ‘cause Jehovah's resurrected
Accept His sacrifice, He treats us mercifully
Invest in after life know Jesus personally
For the LORD I flow with no fear
That's why I'm rockin' FODALO gear
Without the Holy Spirit to guide believers,
We'd go the wrong route like blind wide receivers

Surely His story is Glorious plus furious
to ignore His Gift that's an enormous risk (2x)

They crucified the Man, He's the True Divine "I AM" [Yahweh]
You can't find His Glory at the Guggenheim Museum
We all are sinners, see, we've fallen miserably
Exalt the Trinity, follow Paul's Ministry
And start the campaign for the Lamb-slain
’Cause man's lame, he stands blamed in his sand frame
You claim your fate is secure, But will you make it for sure?
Better trust in Christ God doesn't grade on a curve!
It's not from works, we're saved through faith alone
We're awful jerks, but He's made salvation known
Praise His gracious throne, He dropped my curse
I'm lost on earth, some day He'll take me home
We're some zealous believers we're jealous for Jesus
So I spit everywhere like when an elephant sneezes
With the mic-device I invite the sheisty type
To "come on down" ‘cause Christ's "Price is Right"

Surely His story is Glorious, Victorious
To ignore His gift is an enormous risk (2x)