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Timothy Brindle - Psalm 51
(from the album The Great Awakening)
© copyright 2003

Verse 1
Dear LORD, hear my repentance supplication
I've behaved like a condemned and lustful pagan
I deceived your Word-I admit I did it again
Please return-I'm sick of living in with sin
My breath, it groans, as my flesh erodes
Transgressions are startin' to stretch my clothes
The infection grows, this sickness is visible
This Christian's despicable, my addiction is pitiful
Lust is a poison, it plagues the soul
Makes it cold, breaks and reshapes its mold,
Then it fades + rusts, I didn't live the Commandments
I obeyed my lusts-and took forgiveness for granted
This sin is implanted: this kid was conceived in it
I'm Mr. Deviant and disobedient,
My flesh literally loves filthiness
"O God, deliver me from blood guiltiness"

I cheat on You daily, but You take me back
To celebrate Your Love, we made this track
I defiled Your sanctuary, abused Your Grace
This vessel's useless, LORD renew this place

Verse 2
This sheep has gone astray on an evil rotten way
The grief has brought dismay, I need to stop and pray!
My sweetness is sour, I'm weak in my power
I'm doubting Thomas combined with Peter the coward
If saints were tried, to see if we're sanctified
I'd of disgracefully walked the plank and died
And if Your standard was the Sears Tower-
I fell short of Your Glory by the 40th story
Your Law convicts me
but You have awesome pity
I'm forgiven, even when my paws are sticky
Everyone's sauced and tipsy, it's awful risky
Living in this modern Sodom-- it's Gotham City
I don't deserve to be blessed, I squirm to wrestle
this earthly vessel, Determined to murder my flesh
I've forsaken You, I lie and say it's true
But You're faithful to forgive so this praise is due!

"Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity"
I'm adoring Thee for forgiving me
"Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity"
I'm adoring Thee for forgiving me!

Verse 3
I've been subtle and hush that I struggle with lust
It makes me smuggle disgust, when I huddle and fuss
I'm just a puddle of slush-my bubble will bust
I should be smothered and crushed to rubble and dust
But Your Love is a must, there's no other to trust
Jesus you cuddle with us when we're covered in puss
I disobeyed, but You patiently amazingly
Took my punishment and felt the pain for me!!!
You suffered for my own misbehaving
I so wish to praise Him for PROPITIATION
I should be fried and burned for my lies and slurs
But Jesus took the wrath that I deserve
I praise You gleefully for your leniency
And for inconceivably REDEEMING me
My verse will tell of how I cursed and fell
You give me Grace, but all I deserve is Hell.