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Timothy Brindle - Total Depravity
(from the album The Great Awakening)
© copyright 2003

I feel surrounded by all this crazy evil
Hateful people, man's depraved and lethal
Headlines are grim, end times my friend
We're finally realizin' the slime we're in!
We're on the verge of a world war
While 2/3 of the world's poor
But man can't even seem to settle it
He plans scams and schemes sneaky embezzlement
The rich covet 3 porches
While 10% of the world uses 90% of its resources
Sexually transmitted diseases
Technically, man lives how he pleases
The norm is lying, porn is thriving,
Most kids have sex before they're driving
In this age, the golden rule is: the amount of jewelry you must where to be told you're cool
It's cold and cruel and Satan has followers
They praise culture, they're blatant idolaters
Blasphemous philosophers, half are kids are gossipers
Evolutionists produced from Lucifer's uterus
Guns and abortion and money extortion
Tons are divorcin' in abundant proportions
So, parents are scarin' kids-- marriages are very quick
Heretics, arrogance, and Arabic Terrorists!

IT's TOTAL DEPRAVITY, a global catastrophe
NO ONE IS GOOD, we're so full of crap you see
We all should melt in Hell's vices
Even the self-righteous will be dealt like this
Y’all built the tallest shrine for the dollar sign-
That's idol worshiping, you're law defying
And rifle murdering- Columbine
We're all bogus and fraud and OPPOSERS OF GOD
T.V. violence, defiled photography
CD pirates, and child pornography
Baby molesters, guys sleep with their cousins
Shady investors, wives cheat on their husbands
We're sheisty, from NIKE slave labor
To nightly date rapers, pregnant eighth graders
Political leaders, are quick to be bribed with checks
We're pitiful creatures, addicted to cybersex!
Our masterpiece is when cash increase
While little boys get raped by Catholic priests

Man's flesh likes transvestites
While the internet's full of planned sex sites
You love the sin that you plummet in
You love the evil one, and you're huggin' him
Cursed person's we condone pestilence
We're jerks worshiping our own excrement!!!
We have fun likin' this unrighteousness
Our tongues like to diss, none bite their lips
All our contribution has brought pollution
I think prostitution's in the constitution!
Greed and mad strife, get bent with a needle
Weed and crack pipes, inventors of evil
We need the fast life. You know the days are grim
When innovative men are creating sin
Muggings, deceit, malice and envy
Drug rings are discrete, we wild' in a frenzy
Thug kings, drive buys and wise guys
(Evil) desires and passions and hired assassins
Our ooze precipitates and you participate
The news manipulates your mood and vicious state
The promiscuous and sickening rich
Put wickedness on their kids Christmas lists!
Advertisements in mad disguises
We watch TV to grab cash and prizes
Fashion fiend lovers, half are teen mothers
The masses attracted to magazine covers
We're breakin' the law, even cops do it
Satan's involved, peep our pop music
Horror movies, you're kids exposed to them
There's shorties' booties on Nickelodeon!!!

To sum it up the world is sin,
But the world's not aware of the hurl it's in
We're called mankind, but is man kind?
Because I can't find, one that stands fine!
People try to creep and hide their secret lives,
But God's Justice won't let evil slide!!!
How you gonna stand before a Holy Judge-
That doesn't tolerate sin, or with hold His grudge?
Give Attention- man's depraved, sure!
But every sin I mentioned must be paid for
But there's One Solution among confusion,
Instead of you being punished, there's been a substitution!
Christ was The Father...

Like he committed the sins in this song
His life deleted...a violent slaughter
So we can be forgiven for our things that our wrong!
IF you believe in Him, He'll rescue ya'
Yeshua will redeem your sin
Surely man is cursed and damned
But Christ fulfilled The LAW
Because He's The Perfect Lamb
The only sacrifice that covers the cost
Of our sin's price, so He hung on the Cross
Believe this first lesson
With faith in Him you receive His Perfection
He gives His Righteousness
Forgives your lifelessness
You'll live in priceless bliss
GOD hates sin and Satan,
But He's patient, He takes depraved men
And saves them, when placing their faith in
Amazing Grace -AMEN?!?
When Adam ate the apple, well
Face the facts, we fell
Repent or take your wrath in Hell!