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Timothy Brindle - Hell
(from the album The Great Awakening)
© copyright 2003

When the Father in Heaven decides that it's through
Every person who (ever) lived will arise from their tomb
To give an account for the sinning that they've done
Behold- All Judgement's been given to The Son
Your whole life's been recorded as He reads:
The Standard is Perfection! Did you notice your flaws?
You're convicted guilty because you've broken His Laws!
The Judge is condemning or justifying men,
And you're only justified if you trust He died for your sin.
'Cause all sinned and lived a life-span that was flawed
But through faith you'd be given a right-standing with God!
But the curse of the Law remains over your head
Because you rejected Christ to live for the moment instead.
You should have took heed to the Wrath of Christ
And His Sacrifice now you'll be trapped in strife for your afterlife!
I hope you're concerned because you'll burn for eternity
And murmur in urgency in a furnace infirmary
You're mellon will swell, then you'll melt into gel
You'll be greeted by demons-welcome to hell!
The LORD explained and made His warning plain,
Admit that you're at blame-repent and adore His Name
But you ignored this claim and have made His orders vain
And exchanged His glory for a form of fortune/fame
To snort cocaine and pour you more champagne,
Now you're a corpse of shame torched in a fort of chains
Where it's pouring flames of storming scorching rain
To contort your frame your torched in enormous pain!!!

If you had faith in the grace of the Great Messiah
He'd have forgave you for hate straight desire
But you made Satan sire, and he's a blatant liar
Now you'll drown forever in boiling lakes of fire
You'll experience permanent suffocation
You're eyes will melt and your lungs will suck your face in
It's breath-taking, 'cause you'll never breathe again
But bleed your flem and hear screams of evil men
The heat will never cease you'll weep forever
You and demons can grieve and scream together
You're a piece of bacon, you wanna meet with Satan?
He's being tormented, too- I won't keep you waiting
Proceed to bake in a flaming oven,
See your naked cousin, he's in the blazing dungeon
You search and holler for a church or altar,
But it's too late to repent you squirm in burning sulfur (fire and brimstone)
Thirsty, you ask for a glass of some water
But you're trapped in the massacre packed in the slaughter
Your teeth are gnashing there's no speech or laughing,
You won't see compassion- just weeping, gasping
Your nerves are exposed- in shackles and chains, your shadow's in pain
The furnace will glow- so hot a thermometer never could register
See the heat exceeds all measures of temperature!
You can't say I didn't try to warn and tell
But this earth's just a sliding board to hell
To avoid it, to Jesus trust and pray
’Cause Judgement Day could be months away
If you're shook tonight than look to Christ
You go to hell if you're not in the Book of Life
So go tell all your fellow non-believers
That hell is where you dwell if you're not with Jesus.
The LORD finds no pleasure in seeing you die forever
So please make the right decision and believe that Jesus Christ is risen
"If you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God rose Him from the dead, you will be saved.”