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TRUTH, da - This Is For You
(from the album Moment of Truth)
© copyright 2004

Either this life is meaningless or its meaning is/
Eclipsed by a series of events that satisfy for the moment/
But once your moment is passed your moment's the past/
Then poof dude you can't revive it or hold it/
You're born you suffer you die when you're older/
But there's a loophole, I wouldn't lie to my soldiers/
Nor would I lie to my sisters, God is my witness /
Jesus Christ is the only escape from out of your prison /
Let's Go

Verse 1:
He's clean we're unclean, we're seen He's unseen/
You don't want him to flee the scene you need him to intervene/
In your life, therefore, come cling to the King and cling to those things that He loves/
Bring flames to the things that He hates/
Be sure not to worship things that He shapes/
For the things that He makes or the things that He'll shake, yes/
Things that He makes are the things He creates/
If you exchange Him for those things you're suppressing the truth/
Which simply means that you know He exists/
And in Him all things consist and that He's powerful but you ignore Him/
You don't want to be accountable and responsible/
For doing that which is considered sin/
Which are simply those things that are inconstistent with Him/
His antithesis that makes you consider Him not/
Consider the plot consider your lot/
And ask yourself if you're a citizen in the city of God/
Let's Go

Yes this is for you/
Yes this is for you/
Yes this is, yes this is for you

Verse 2:
He's clean, we're unclean, we're seen He's unseen/
You don't want Him to flee the scene/
'Cause homey this ain't a dream it's real/
Life ain't what it seems but seems to appeal/
To our appetite so just for a single meal we sell our birthright/
Now that's senseless like trading in your motocycle for a dirt bike/
I mean the earth's alright but turn on the search light/
You'll find it's not a new pair of Jordan's it's some hurt Nikes/
From birth right to the grave we liken our days to/
That of the nature of a night and a day you know it's/
Here then it's gone this earth is temporary I hope/
That you adhere to what you hear in this song, yes/
Draw near to His throne/
Otherwise your God's the creator's creation and it's clear that that's wrong/
You can be sincere but sincerely wrong/
I'm just trying to remind you, you need to be fearing the Lord/
Let's go


Verse 3:
He's clean, we're unclean, we're seen He's unseen/
Yup sister you got it, yes it's the same thing it's redundant (same ole song)/
But a momentous one life's full of moments but once your moment under the sun is over/
Your moment is done yo/
You don't control your moment, your moment's your owner (think about that)/
Trust me if you controlled your moment/
Then you would hold on to the moment that's golden/
But you can't 'cause your moment is fleeting and/
God designed it that way to get you to grope Him and seek Him/
Why you think the starry hosts and the ocean's intriguing/
And you were created a socio emotional being/
God did this to provoke you to think in/
Terms of whether or not you're in fellowship with the Holiest being/
Jesus Christ the Holiest meaning set apart waiting for you and your homies to agree with Him.

Hook (x2)