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TRUTH, da - Incredible Christian
(from the album The Faith)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1:
How could you be so borderline and bored out of your mind
When we're discussing the God that turned water to wine
Yeah, it's probably your diet—they say you are what you eat
There's a lot of stuff I almost ate but couldn't afford to dine
And I thank God that I chose not
A man is wisest when he knows that he knows not—don't, stop
Don't, stop ‘cause you’re incredible
Just 'cause it's edible, don't mean that you got to eat it man—let it go
'Cause your health is important
In the Kingdom of Heaven, beware of the king's leaven
The faulty views—the movie scenes are giving
Its influence is evil—even on screens brethren
So stand firm—stand firm
Stand close as God's living example—lights on lampposts
Modern day Daniels—great exploits for 'em
Before we invite 'em, we got to inform—now let's show 'em

That we're incredible—Nat King unforgettable
Every believer better know, we're triumphant
So be strong in your weakness—week out and week in
Grab a buddy—then let 'em know

Verse 2:
Big chips—nah, God prefers using the small chips
He loves when the score's 90 to 10 and you just got the ball stripped
He loves when the odds are against you—that's when it all shifts
Your strength for His—when you strip you give
Up all of the pride that's inside of you—so don't clench your fist
Or look at His ways with contempt—strip—just stick to the script
God is using them weak things—like a stick for the split of the Red Sea or the reed
It makes no difference which one it was or when it was it was a miracle switch
Switch—switch over to the Gideonites—ya'll remember Gideon, right
Good man, weak clan—yet, God told Gideon fight
Then God told Gideon to slice—his men down to 300—we want it fair
But God got the glory when the smallest clan smashed the Midianites
That's like the disciples—two fish, five new loaves
Fed thousands through the God who chose
Young David out of His brothers—fighting the giant
Defying the armies of "I Am" with five smooth stones
And a sling—yeah, you know how God do His thing
Using the weak things of the world to put the strong to shame
And that's us—so when the wicked do a song in His name
Don't get it wrong—nah, God is not at all trying to hang
On their coat tails—the people of God boast 'cause their frail
Just because it's big—don't presuppose that that it will
Stay afloat—y'all remember when the ocean was filled
With debris from the Titanic—small boats set a sail
And got people safe to shore—they embraced the oar
I'm done teaching—I'ma erase the board
But before I go, I just want to know that the faith is a paradox
Grab a trumpet and blow—now let's show 'em