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Erase - Poetry, prose, & other sundry items
© copyright T. Collins, L. Kimmey, K. Smith, J. Elwood

Colors don't hate people do!

Verse 1

Color's not the reason for racism its the justification
if no man has it in his constitution to be a slave, then he should not have it in his constitution to be a master
Don't worry who to love cause you can't love enough
every man is somebody cause he is a child of God

B-Section 1

All we need is love to get by
if you know the Lord you should try
give it a chance you will find
when he created colors he had beauty in mind

Chorus 2

Verse 2

We took away a people's human rights, slowly gave them back as their civil
rights, and
did all of this under the guise that God gave us this right.

B-Section 2

Its not about color its about each other
we all have to live here I'd rather not live in fear
can you see past today's reality
in the future maybe I can be free

Chorus 3


(counter to vamp)

People are people like me and you