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Timothy Brindle - Faulty Doctrine
(from the album The Great Awakening)
© copyright 2003

Verse 1:
Please, let me first inform and further warn/
That false teaching has taken the church by storm/
I'm stating these facts 'cause these dangerous cats/
Are placing their traps many have strayed in their tracks!/
It bothers me, 'cause I noticed today these preachers/
Arenít even pastors- they're motivational speakers/
I know you seen these men on TBN/
They scheme your friends and fiend for cream and ends/
Nowadays, only some present the Gospel/
Look out for certain Oneness Pentecostals /
Who deny the distinct persons of the Trinity/
But with health and wealth, their lurking in their ministry/
You know who you are, we're exposing your vision/
To appeal to broken women with emotionalism/
Yo, you know that's forbidden/
But you'd rather get dough then simply preach that Jehovah is risen!/
Neglecting God our King, 'cause you're more determined/
To collect three offerings, before your sermon/
Churches have a counting contest we doubt your concepts/
'Cause your taking Scripture out of context!/
Isolating verses to entice the ladies' purses/
These devices are the likely case in churches/
Theyíre preaching the popular gospel of prosperity/
And it's preposterous, we've got to stop this heresy!

They all are locked in a vault and coffin as a result of their faulty doctrine 2x

Verse 2:
Please avoid the evil teachings of Benny Hinn/
Who claims he'll heal you so there's no need for your medicine/
For his congregation, I'm bound to spit- it's vital/
'Cause they bought into his counterfeit revival!/
How dare you get caught making the statement/
That "on the Cross Christ took on the nature of Satan"/
Instead of preaching Jesus the Son/
They claim you don't have the Spirit unless you're speaking in tongues/
But this teaching is bunk, peep Galatians 3:2/
The Spirit's received through faith-- this reads true/
Y'all ain't slain in the Spirit, hear this out there/
'Cause if Christ's not glorified- the Spirit's not there!/
Microphone check let me stress the next thing/
Whatís up with all these fake second blessings?/
Demanding to see signs, just to trust in His name/
Plus lustin' for fame what, it's not enough to be saved?/
Who else is sick of Hinn and vicious men/
Who aren't Bible teachers, they're tricky businessmen/
Snatching offerings to grab all their loot/
And go bounce to cop (buy) your thousand dollar suit!/
Some claim sin's the reason believers are suffering/
But check the Bible- didn't Jesus discuss these things?/
Matthew 6:19-20, it's read in the pages/
That our riches are in the heavenly places/
So Christians, read your word and show yourself approved/
Their making selfish moves to see their wealth improved/
Go tell your momma to beware o'this/
False doctrine and abominable heretics!/


Verse 3:
They're preaching myths and it's conniving/
I'm criticizing 'cause they're triple tithing/
Turning the Father's house into a house of business/
Preaching man-centered sermons without forgiveness!/
If you're sick in health, I know you wanna' recover/
But I'm being honest my brother/
Christ promised we'd suffer/
But He said take courage, He's overcome the world/
He never promised dough or tons of pearls/
Suffering builds perseverance, and sanctifies even more/
Read Romans 5:3-4/
Weíre exposing this teaching/
'Cause we know it's misleading the people/
Into fiending for greed that is evil/
Yo, don't be fooled the Gospel's not therapy/
Nor does it promise earthly prosperity (find reference)/
The Gospel's that Jesus died for our sins/
And repent and believe and you'll be dining with Him/
Question: Are your pastors Christ-centered?/
If not. Please make sure their mic's severed/
The next best suggestion/
Is find a new church that teaches His life death and resurrection/
Let me say this now- it's the last issue/
Faith is not a power that you tap into/
Saving faith places trust in Christ alone/
The only way to stand before His righteous throne/
But certain church peers are severely fickle/
Appealin' to church peers 'cause their ear's are tickled/
If there's anything that I have left to say/
Itís that I wrote this so you won't be lead astray/
I pray you flee this blasphemous and evil preaching/
Thatís based on craftiness and deceitful scheming/
All my brothers and sisters, the ONE Gospel's suffice/
So fall in love with Scriptures, come to the (fullness of the) knowledge of Christ