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Timothy Brindle - Liberation (a parable)
(from the album The Great Awakening)
© copyright 2003

Verse 1:
I was born in sin's penitentiary/
Enslaved to evil- this condemned and sentenced me/
Locked in a cell block, I'd act wickedly in captivity/
While watching myself rot born with a death sentence/
Warned to neglect repentance by my Lord who expressed vengeance/
By deceiving my mind and keeping me blind/
And convincing me that evil was fine/
His name is Lucifer, he was my slave master/
He said to hate God and screamed with great laughter/
He ruled this prison of sin, my vision was dim/
He told me what to do and I'd listen to him/
I was depraved and arrogant- an accursed transgressor/
My ways inherited- from my first ancestors/
Trapped in my sinful habitation/
I was into masturbation, and it kindled aggravation/
But I loved the darkness of my cell/
Plus my lungs were heartless, and this sluggard's carcass had a smell/
An unbearable stench/
Disgusting and vile, my lusting was wild, with some terrible wench/
A praiser of wickedness, my behavior was mischievous/
Craving sin-enslaved to my sicknesses/
Much inclined to muck and slime/
And crust and grime I has such a disgusting mind/
Sinning was fluid, swimming in sewage/
Lucifer fed me his stew I'd drink and then spew it/
I often coughed and had constant red eye/
Spiritually talkin' I was a walkin' dead guy/
‘Cause the Law hung over me as a guillotine/
Really mean, and thrilled to sin, I was still a fiend/
Many times a man came to my cell/
To ask me if I wanted someone to save me from Hell/
But I'd slap him in the face, and laugh at this grace/
‘Cause it so happened that I was trapped in this place/
I was content in sin, I disregarded that I couldn't be pardoned/
From my sentencing so I slept heavily-the best remedy/
In neglecting the fact I faced a death penalty/
Then came my day of execution/
It was time to die but I couldn't pay the retribution!!!

Verse 2
I was a detestable prisoner, an ineffective listener/
Than I had an unexpected Visitor/
And this was frightening, ‘cause I was trifling/
Then came the Spirit of Christ the Righteous King/
A shining light came on inside of my cell/
Revealing my sinful condition, I cried and I yelled/
God forgive me, rescue me from death's despair/
Don’t execute me in the electric chair!/
But then I was embraced- by His love and truth/
He said He died in my place-as my substitute/
I couldn't fathom His charity, so I asked Him clarity/
He actually sat in the chair for me/
He took the violent wrath on my behalf/
So I could have life and be alive at last!/
My first reply, was but You're a perfect Guy/
You never cursed or lied, you didn't deserve to die/
But He said He wanted to because He made a covenant/
To save His people so they wouldn't face His punishment/
So I hugged and thanked Him, His robe was all red/
He said He proved all this was true because He rose from the dead/
Now my charges were dropped/
He gave me faith when He replaced my heart because it was as hard as a rock/
He broke my shackles, now my visions clear/
I was given ears, He removed my filthy prison gear/
And proceeded to put it on the shelf/
My death sentence was dropped when He took it upon Himself/
Then He dressed me in His perfect righteousness/
The nicest gift, yes I was hype from this!/
He told me He freed me for a purpose, Tim/
To conform me to His image, and serve and worship Him/
Then I fell on my face I'll tell of Your ways/
And proclaim you save sinners by indelible grace/
I savor this pleasure, You're the greatest of treasures/
Jesus Christ- I can't wait to praise You forever/
But then Lucifer tried to keep me from leavin'/
But Jesus crushed His head and defeated His demons/
We bounced from the prison, He announced I'm forgiven/
I was dead in that place, now I'm out and I'm livin'/
And I shout: 'HE IS RISEN!' for hours abroad/
I've been freed by the Gospel which is the Power of God/
Then He said He must return to His Father's side/
I started crying, so He said "be calm, you're fine"/
Because His Holy Spirit will guide my steps/
He promised He'd keep me until my final breath/
I now await the return of the Sovereign Lamb/
To take me to worship Him in the promised land/
This parable's a metaphorical analogy/
Of a terrible but then adorable reality.

And I'm praising Jesus, 'cause He redeemed and freed me when I was enslaved in Egypt (2x)