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shai linne - WWW
(from the album The Solus Christus Project)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1: shai linne
Listen close when I'm kicking this/
WWW - World Wide Wickedness/
Caught up in the “Web”, Satan wants you to “inter” his “his”/
How quickly we tend to forget/
Original sin since Genesis 3 check the archives/
No steering wheel, lights or brakes- that's a “hard drive”/
Oblivious to the world's system that's got you/
”America’s online” screaming “yahoo”!/
But God's word will not fail/
I deliver the gospel; Now that's what I call “hotmail”/
I defied Him, denied Him, tried Him, despised Him/
Until the I Am sent me an “IM”/
He said "I'm the Way, follow me and obey"/
And it was only by His grace that I clicked “OK”/
He got me on some lottery hittin' you gotta be kiddin'/
My spiritual riches make Bill Gates look poverty strickin'/
I was blind couldn't see nothin'/
'Til He cleansed me from within, took my sins and hit the “delete” button/
He smacked me in the face with a fat knapsack of grace
Snatched from the rat race and I ain't trying to hit the “backspace”/
He's worthy of worship, deservin your service/
Absurd verdict concerning the versions- disperse it, the Word's perfect!/
So backslider or newcomer/ call on His name/
’Cause whether you hit “return” or “enter”, the result is the same

One time for your mind, mic-check
His righteousness, yes- Christ; life, death, resurrect
Lampmode, Rocksoul, good news- react
I be that 2 Corinthians 5:17 cat

Verse 2:
This is for my internet connection, intellects collecting/
Into lectures and lesions about the Intimate Infinite/
Into nets getting cast(ed) quick to catch men to cast them/
Into intricate plots of gospel block busters and syndicates/
To watch gospel hustlers get restless/
With the message of Christ meshing with mics/
Stressing what’s right, blessed with the Light/
In light of questions you might ask or might blast/
Or what ever you feel- it’s never too real/
For God’s people to step to the field/
Of philosophical jargon like doctrines of Darwin/
Theological talking like “my God- He is sovereign”/
Regarding the gospel: sinful men being pardoned/
Applauding His awesome taste that alters states/
Of hardened hearts hauling them by His sovereign grace/
Solving the problem that separates man from God/
Segregates lands from God’s commanding laws/
Instead of standing they fall- it’ll all crumble/
Apart from God’s precepts society is violently humbled/
Tyranny comes to take over/
Either be under God’s rule or have man as your slave owner/
So pay closer attention as I proceed with the chorus/
Cause Jesus is gorgeous, so please don’t ignore this/
His seeds are enormous He’ll have the streets and the forest/
Reaping a harvest…

One time for your mind, mic-check/
His righteousness, yes- Christ; life, death, resurrect/
Lampmode, C-dero, good news-reacts/
I’m that Colossians 2 verse 2-3 cat