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shai linne - Lift Him Up
(from the album The Solus Christus Project)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1:
Hiphop is the horizon where dark and light met/
So the subject of my mic check is Christ’s death/
Spittin’ for Jesus I know it isn’t the norm/
But God knew me before I had physical form/
He let me go my own way for a while/
Then when He was good and ready…BLOWW! God made me His child/
This helpless, rebellious bad fella- God grabbed from the cellar/
And set me free like Nelson Mandela/
The aim of the healer crack me ‘til I crumble/
Then send me back in the jungle to tame the gorillas/
I can find you at the club mackin- smoking some herb/
You find me at the coffee shop crackin’ open the Word/
When hope is deferred, schemes unfold/
Responsibility was on the other line I put my dreams on hold/
Still I’m His number 1 fan for His goodness and grace/
‘Cause like a stuntman Jesus Christ stood in my place.

We’re trying to help you learn a new route/
Every rapper’s a preacher only question, what’s your sermon about/
For Christ, we'll stand firm and devout/
Praying that you turn from your doubt/
Until the day that He returns and we're out/
And while we wait, we’ll keep lifting Him up/
… keep lifting Him up (3X)

Verse 2:
Cats be “What’s up with the Lord/
The globe’s full of corruption and fraud?”/
Dog the road to destruction is broad/
It’s no peace in the streets because no one seeks/
You’re seeking for God as much as a thief seeks for police/
It’s no doubt in my mind He’ll soon strike down/
‘Cause God hates sin more than I hate hip-hop right now/
We’re forced to gaze at industry whores and slaves/
I wasn’t feeling most of them cats even before I got saved/
They’re more than depraved- no knowledge, Godless content/
Constant barrage of pompous, contradictory nonsense/
But Christ will be taking titles when He’s slaying His rivals/
For now, we’ll stay in the Bible while we pray for revival/
I used to be the type to say, “I’m clever and ill/
Better with skill” my agenda- get the cheddar and chill/
But now I endeavor to build since His love letter revealed/
That Jesus Christ’s resurrection is real!


Verse 3:
A Holy God- that’s a problem for sinful man/
I keep my verse short because y’all got short attention spans/
I’m loving His Redemption Plan/
A hot solution- my only contribution is a empty hand/
Through sovereign grace, we awake from dead sleep/
Our faith we let speak through ancient techniques/
No repentance, no faith- no everlasting life/
Even if you cried when you saw “The Passion of the Christ”/
Nobody I know that’s liver (Jesus)/
I got His goodness and mercy following me like cops follow black drivers/
I serve a God who takes crazy drama out of lives/
And turns baby mamas into wives! (Say Word!)/
It’s a major surprise how shady guys find favor in His eyes/
Then He enables us to labor for the prize/
In conclusion, we’d like to say that He’s tight/
Speak right, seek Christ and I’m out like three strikes