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Gospel Gangstas - Demon Killa
(from the album Do or Die)

See you dealing with a born again believer a king james reader, when it
come to putting work I got more stripes than a zebra, see the demon
murderer in progress Im gripping the...... like his name was sirus then
I put two up in where we digest, why stress, I jest put it down.... you
cant deal with the feelin that Im just still let me get this off of
my chest why yes Im just a spiritual capilla, life killa, blood spilla
to make it blunt a straight demon killa.
The other day I had a dream it seemed that I was crowned the king given
the kingdom and the black queen but I told the kingdom bye and I kissed
the queen goodbye cuz Id rather floss up in the ghetto and see demons
See I dont have no love for demons and they dont love me, so I grabs
my KJV and I puts it down constantly, takes authority over the strong
man when Im 459ing him hes always on my mind and Im going to sleep
Im dreaming of binding him, always a gaze of breaking darkness in a
hundred ways, ..... Im a fast and pray a hundred days, in to your mids
like a guerilla, pleading the blood over your pillar its the
sanctified, bloodwashed, demon killa.

Im posted outside the gates of hell (shh) I got the blood of Christ so
they cant prevail, I hear em talking they dont know im stalking the
thrill to leave more dead slugs in they forehead. N.I.V. S-T-R-A-P-P-E-D
in my H-A-N-D C-R double E-P with me, I kicks in the gate now its too
late its no escape I got the shield of faith and Im shooting
scriptures like a straight 8, A wounded demon pleaing saying that it
wasnt him that cursed me, but I pleas the blood he gets no love the
devil dont get no mercy.
I gave the wicked fools the blues with this good news so tell me what
you would have done if you wuz in my shoes. I never sweat confrontation
(loc) cuz im a kneeler so how you feel with the real, devil, this is
demon killa.

Young growing up I was never understanding G that it was the devil who
broke up my happy family, had my mom on crack my daddy on heroine now my
Bibles my gun Im shooting scripture like teflon, see, all my life he
had my bound do no good Chill ........crack........ step into the circle
where the annointing rains hot it made me close my eyes and grab my gut
like, I was shot and filled me with the Holy Ghost loc it was so cool
(ahh) ................ fool. Its on from now on Im a christian on a
mission till they kill me, should they kill me, you dont hear me cuz
if you did you would get with this 187 on wickedness yes the devils
tripping and Im sticking this sword of the spirit down his oesophagus
aint no stopping us demon killa.