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shai linne - Random Thoughts
(from the album The Solus Christus Project)
© copyright 2005

Hey yo Iím back, but nobody was asking where Iíve been
Let me chime in- I go by the name of... never mind
This man writes them joints
God-glorifying lyricism with a style you canít quite pinpoint
I learned a lot from constant observation- God is patient
And Christ is exalted above the constellations
Iíve been on the low- did some features and compilations
The controversy started some good conversation
Hit timothy on the email, heíll give you all the details
But right now, my focus is the Man who took the three nails
Two through His wrists, one through His feet
The wrath of God satisfied- the work of the Son is complete
So now thereís two types of people
Those who have atonement and those who pay for their own sin, strife and evil
And God donít play- you got to pay- you need to drop and pray
But your mottoís ďNot todayĒ and you got a lot to say
But your mouth will be shut like pantomimes
When Jesus Christ comes on the clods with more angels than Anaheim
Expand your mind; This ainít about fancy rhymes
Man Iím trying to leave a deep footprint in the sands of time
The truth of god is triple pound cake heavy
But ruthless squads of simple clowns ainít ready
What you know about a rowdy gospel clique
Rejoicing at the judgment when the wicked get their waffle split?
Revelation nineteen... demonstrates what I mean
(You) canít see? Better take some Visine
We shun the famous life- insane spiritual
Life up the name of Christ, yet remain lyrical
Speaking urgently, itís an emergency
The self-centered emceeís favorite word is ďmeĒ
Our favorite word is ďHeĒ- or should I say ďHimĒ
Since God is triune, I guess our favorite word is ďThemĒ
As for me, what can I say man? Itís real in the crucible
My lifeís a daily funeral, but Christ is still beautiful
Iím fired up for ministry- but business is something
I ainít did nothing and Iím tired of the industry!
I donít create for a check, and it ainít for your respect
Iím enduring all things for the sake of the elect
Thatís why cats be like, ďShai, man! You preaching to the choir!Ē
Iím like, ďDog, have you seen some of these choirs?Ē
They need to be preached to- itís heathens in the pews
Itís treason that they choose, looking for reasons to abuse
Godís grace- walked up to the altar at the age of eight
Live like the world after that
And think theyíll make it through the gate
That theology is straight from the father of lies
In mad pulpits, Satan rocks a disguise
A plot heís devised so sheep remain stifled
Because many times Iím like, ďAre we reading the same Bible?Ē
For instance: (I) recently went to a ďChristianĒ concert
Not knowing what to expect, hoping to see God work
The lights went dark, they introduced him, then he came in
I gotta hand it to him- he was very entertaining
The crowd was insane, about a thousand and change
He was wilding on stage; had them shouting his name?
People in the audience on their way to hell
And son had more jokes than Dave Chappelle
Itís like he was ashamed of the light; This is backwards
Christian rappers playing games on the mic
Non-divine topically, trying to shine constantly
Youíve gone beyond the line with some kind of blind philosophy
With rhymes designed sloppily- this is absurd
Dig in the Word- get your mind refined properly
The gospelís not a commodity- So whether in poverty
Or prospering, itís proper to give shouts to my God rowdily
Why are people so quick to hand the mic to jokers?
Good thing the Lord is in the driverís seat like a chauffeur
His shekinah thunders with no minor blunders
And sometimes I wonder if the Anti-christ might be Oprah
It puts me in a true rage that she pumps the New Age
On television- like five days a week
Yet only a few gauge that that wonít get you saved
From hell, so listen- Ďcause my God came to speak
Heís warning you to flee from the wrath to come
By putting faith in His matchless Son
I did it now God will definitely forever be next to me
In ecstasy- what a destiny for this heavenly refugee
And this right here is just some random thoughts
From a vessel of mercy that the Lamb has brought
So welcome to The Solus Christus Project
Son, we just gettiní started and we got a lot left!