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shai linne - Dark Night of My Soul
(from the album The Solus Christus Project)
© copyright 2005

Be glorious to me, O LORD, for I am in distress; My life is spent
With sorrow and my years with sighing; my strength fails because
Of my iniquity, and my bones waste awayĒ (Psalm 31: 9a, 10)

Something evil lies within
I donít know if this night will end
Iím wondering if the sun will rise again
Dark night of the soul

I canít deal with this on my own
Iíve never felt so far from home
How can this be? Itís like Iím all alone
Dark night of the soul

Verse 1:
Iím feeling worthless- On some ďI donít know whatís the purposeĒ
And most stay on the surface telling me ďEnjoy lifeĒ
But I canít unwind and embrace it,
Thinking of all the time that Iíve wasted
All the forbidden wine that Iíve tasted
Can I speak with candid speech? The manís weak
A stranded sheep who pants and weeps- I canít sleep
Iím surrounded by His lens- I feel like asking for death
Because Iím drowning in my sins and Iím gasping for breath
Itís all real as it gets, every night my pillow is wet
Looking for Godís face but barely see His silhouette
A dry hour in my well of hope
The Lord feels so far away I couldnít see Him with a high powered telescope
Asking Him to be nearer, but the sad fact couldnít be clearer
My greatest enemy is looking back at me in the mirror
A hard sight to behold
My heartís not right; spark the light to ignite this dark night of my soul


Verse 2:
I feel naked and stranded, forsaken and abandoned
Iíve taken God for granted by breaking His commandments
Itís obvious Iím losing my hope
Because Iím thinking ďWho should I quote in my suicide note?Ē
Iíve been crushed into grains of pebbles
Iím ashamed that Iím a rebel and I canít even blame it on the devil
Iím a vile man for real- chained to my pride
And my smile canít conceal the pain thatís inside
Because His hand is heavy on me; Man this weatherís stormy!
My soul needs refuge; I know my debtís huge
Iím needy and thirsty- diseased and teary-eyed
Lord, please hear my cries because Iím pleading for mercy
I need you to heal me of my brokenness!
Show me a sign of Your favor and seal it with a holy kiss!
It all seemed lost, then I took another look at the cross and
Saw again that the Lord is my portion