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shai linne - Justified
(from the album The Solus Christus Project)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1:
Let’s set the context, I promise you- It’s not complex
So far, Paul has been explaining why God’s vexed
Mad at us, His wrath is Just, we lack trust
Blasphemous, even though we know it’s hazardous
Chapter one, verses eighteen to thirty-two
He talked about great schemes and the dirt we do
He said people refused to give God His due praise
Suppressing the truth in their wickedness, they’re ruthless
Therefore, God gave them over to their sinful ways
And because of nature, we have No Excuses!
Chapter Two’s for those who think they don’t fit in this category
They think they’re on the path to glory-Nope, wrath & fury
They point the guilty to hell, they’re swelled-
Lacking humility, even though they’re filthy as well
Needing more than a bath, because like a greedy man who
Hoards his cash- in the same way, they’re storing up wrath
For the day when God’s righteous judgment is revealed
And all see (that) their sin debt’s an infinite amount
When no secret word, thought or deed will remain concealed
Before God, to whom we must give account
That’s why

It feels so good to be justified!
Either trust or die, you must decide
Stakes is high- make the right decision
For the Lamb who’s life was given-Christ is risen

Verse 2:
As we continue, the apostle Paul is a man on a mission
To convince you of hostile, fallen humanity’s condition
Learn what God disperses- “hurt your pride” verses
Romans 3:12 “All have turned aside, they’re worthless”
Bound by sin, a race of hopeless slaves
Verse 13; “Their throat is an open grave”
It says that. “they use their tongues to deceive”
“The poison of vipers is under their lips”
Look at Hip-hop; that’s not a hard one to believe
Cats who run with their cliques with guns on their hips
Doesn’t it fit? Thugs found dead in clubs
Verse 15: “their feet are swift to shed blood”
Police end up deceased in mad hot zones
Verse 17: “The way of peace they have not known”
Everybody appears hard- despite the clear odds
Verse 18: bottom line- “Nobody fears God”
His Holy Word declares that we’re all lawbreakers, well
That’s the explanation for this planet’s confusion
If God didn’t intervene, the fall would take us all to hell
But Praise the Lord! He granted a solution! And


Verse 3:
Verse 21- God’s righteousness- He manifested it!
But that’s nothing new- it’s in the Old Testament
It belongs to those who put their faith in Christ
If you believe, you’re redeemed because He paid the price
We were hostages, but then He set us from the bondage of sin-
So now we pay homage to Him
Verse 24- Divine gift- JUSTIFICATIO!
The most important term in a Christian’s vocabulary
And most believers can’t define it- that’s frustrating
‘Cause understanding this helps us resist the adversary
Christ spilled His capillaries; that’s why our Savior can’t be Mary
That’s a burden only the God-Man can carry!
In Justification:
God declares sinners to be righteous by Grace Alone through Faith Alone
In the finished work of Christ Alone- He saves His own
Add anything to that, you’re in the danger zone!
At the cross, God treated Christ as if He lived my life (what?)
I’m so perverted- that’s why He was broken and murdered
Through faith, God treats me like I lived the perfect life of Christ
Yo, I can’t earn it, and no I don’t deserve it but