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Gospel Gangstas - Do or Die
(from the album Do or Die)

I let it be known from the jump that this was Christ for life he put me
on with this ....... and since we banging I got to get my stripes
laying the cut with my Bible in front my gut yeah when I jump up you
know the fallen angels duck or break and run and as for prisoners Im
taking none......... you staring down a shaking gun Im seeing demons
die but figured for survival trippin, I binds them up in the name of
Jesus then I Bible whip em. So if u wicked make sure you still steppin
and my Bible might remain a concealed weapon. Prayers how I
............ my Bibles next clip, .................. u step to me and
you get checked quick. See you dealing with a saved thug and put on my
gloves demons get no love just more slugs. Now when the mob they points
the finger at me I keep my Bible in my Khaki plus Im trigger happy
(yeah) I gang bang everyday I cant stay neutral cuz Satan hate my gut
so the feeling stay mutual. Im real with the Son so real is how I
come, Ive never been the mark , If Im a do it then its done. Its
Jesus Christ for life, its Satan K all day and Im a represent that
rhyme until I flatline to all the Christians stay on deck cuz you are
nigh in 96 we do or fry we do or die.

To do or to die thats my options, I chose do and I .... striving from
the east to the west .......... clear the way when I come out with my
gun out Im committed to the cross I wont run out. Id rather be six
feet deep, sleep before retreat no defeat all is obsolete when I pulls
heat used to be from the set used to be down used to get respect, but
check ............ 2 def die hard with .......... cord rather die
scarred oh my Lord. I got the keys he gave me these get on my knees been
around them double Gs, these homiez id ride for I cry for and if it
came down to it id die for reject Christ the penalty is death genius
and you can tell by my face that I mean this Im do or die.

Im do or die Christ or crack you must learn that if I retreat and turn
back that means I burn black. Took my salvation lightly till it
occurred to me that it was legions of demons trying to murder me, hurt a
G. A Christian not ........ this crime rate they set it off now door die
is my mind state. Either you gonna do his will ... and die cuz the wages
of sin is death aint nothing left. You cant be going on like a sucker
saying God Im a trust ya then back out like a buster. Satan knocked
and said "chill, let me in", I said not by the hairs of my Chilli chill
chin. Win lose or draw stand or fall cuz either God is got a fold or
got a got it all gangster. Its a shame what the media do to a guy I
told you last album I was do or die.