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TRUTH, da - Turn You Around
(from the album The Faith)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1: da TRUTH
I’m like Isaiah—I got my eyes way up
Fixed on the person of Christ when I weigh up
Him against my personal life
My prayer becomes change me beneath the top layer
Now, not later
Why—why wait up
Don’t you want to be like Him now—huh player
Don’t you want more than a form of godliness
So it’s more than obvious that the Lord is not playing
Yeah, I know you like to match
So fresh so clean—hair right in tact
Fresh pair of blue jeans
Not an ounce of fat
But I hope you got a life to match
Get back

Hook 2X
Before Christ no change in me
But since Christ there’s a change in me—let Him turn you around
I’m not the man that I used to be
Don’t think like I used to think—let Him turn you around

Verse 2: Shabach
I used to get high in a room at high noon
But I now spit for the most high on iTunes
See how our different lives come together—it so cool
To do it with a dude that didn’t shoot a chrome tool
I remember them days I was anti-social
Configuring a plan to get your auntie’s social
But as young man you could say I was postal
Doing dirt in the hood? Everybody’s supposed ta’
I used to think: “God only helps those who help themselves”
I translated that—to helping myself to wealth
Everybody had a hustle and mine was money
40-grand on a Rolley—yeah, crime was money
When the law came around talking time and punny
People nick’ an’ diming it for me suddenly they got funny
You know—sin was my name stitched in the headrest
But Christ bled then He rose from the bedrest
Switched everything I listened to in headsets
Transformed and reborn with a dead flesh—YES


Verse 3: da TRUTH
OH—we are not the norm
Transformed and we can’t shake the eyes of the Lord
Pants on—no entertaining or watching porn
Even when behind them doors in our college dorms
NO—we are not the same
Inside it’s God—no locks and chains
Don’t smoke, don’t drink—our minds are changed
We don’t write, ‘cause we like the fame—NO
We write for the right reasons
You got it right—we do right for the right reasons
And that’s to bring glory to Christ
We ain’t gotta take Maury’s advice—we consult with the Lord
You know we walk with the Lord
And actually like to talk to the Lord—it’s our daily bread
Ever since He walked through the door
And erased sin like chalk on the board—it’s been on