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Phanatik - Why Hiphop?
(from the album Just a Sample)
© copyright 2005

This life is so emotional
Ups and downs, highs and lows like a rollercoaster
Tossed side to side like a tide in the ocean
Iím praying God will guide me by His Holy Ghost
Before Iím ghost, I sorta hope that the Lord of hosts
Would be more than close
And before my death, that the Lord will just
Pour out a blessing, release me from these thorns in the flesh
But if He doesnít, will I still love Him, or have a grudge? But thatís the question.
And if He does, Lord, will I stay humble or will my love go? Or will the blessing?
Will I get caught up, and it get harder for me to listen? Hmmm...probably!
Well in that case, His grace is sufficient ... Nah mean?!

My faith is so suspect.
I say I trust yet, without knowing whatís next.
Itís hard to move me.
Itís like Iím paralyzed.
I need faith to see through a new pair of eyes
Thatís why the scriptureís so delicious, dude
To my soul thereís no other nutritious food
I need to leap on it, and feast on it in a vicious mood
And not creep on it and sleep on it like it isnít true
Now why would I do that when I know the truth that
Revives us, refuse that
Ask Godís heart if you lack
In wisdom, just ask Him
He gives to them lackiní
And hits them with gems that
Can fix them and patch them
This is true see Ďcause itís truly a thing of beauty (think not)
And youíll see Ďcause itís juicy like a movie (with a sick plot)
And usually itís futile to try to move me (so Iíve heard)
Iím the tool He uses; thereís the beauty (thatís Godís Word)

(Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Slow down a little bit. Itís just a sampler...)

Itís just this walk is so incredible
Once you embark your heart wonít wanna let it go
You start to part with the old you then shed it slow
Then (hello!) thereís a brand new you from head to toe
The mirror wonít show this
So hereís how you know if
You care when Godís Spirit is shariní with those in
Mis-care and you donít miss the chance to come roll with
Have prayer and come sow with this church
Fill our souls with
This track is so inspiriní
But it pales in comparison, what could be higher than
(Who?) The subject of our raps Ė the Great I am
You thought it was me?! (Please) You need to try again
But why man? Iím like you, Iím blessed to be alive, fam
You and I need to fix our eyes set to the sky and
Recognize that even though the signs is endless
That Heís wise and He still buys our friendship

(Howís that? Look at the cross)
The cross was so bloody yet
It was an awesome offering; look at the love we get
While chicks are hugginí the block and cats are thugginí up in it
Iím bugginí at how God ainít flaminí up the oven yet
I live in Sodom, and I can cross the border to Gomorrah
To get more of the whoredom which only breeds boredom
Like DORA their explorin lookiní for whatís gonna cure them
But walk right passed the Lord who bleeded for them
He can save Ďem because He gave them a chance to come in
He can raise them, let Ďem praise Him, plus He can cancel their sin
Itís amaziní how He forgave them, but yet they trample Godís grace
What Iím sayiní is ...