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shai linne - Angelz
(from the album The Solus Christus Project)
© copyright 2005

Now let's begin our story…

Verse 1: shai linne
Yo I just got off from work once again my boss is trippin'
He has no idea how often I thought of quittin'
(I) want to tell him to his face what he can do with his job
but I got bills to pay and it's stupid to rob
Not to mention I'm a Christian- been saved ten years
yeah I had my ups and downs but all in all I'm still here
Yet something's not clear- I need the ear of my Creator
because reading the Bible got me asking 'why?' like Jada
In my mouth is the worst taste, 'cause we a cursed race
Why did God create Adam and Eve in the first place?
An omnipotent God is not dependent at all
Can't nobody tell me He couldn't have prevented the fall
The Word I read it and saw that God, from the foundation
of the earth had already chose some for salvation
What's up with the rest? I guess they're going to hell
I wanna file a complaint, but got no one to tell
Because the Christians I know smile like everything's gravy
But deep down inside, I'm angry at the God who made me
The Word of God is cutting me like a poison sword
I'm not sure how much longer I'll be avoiding girls
I've got too much of the world in me to enjoy the Lord
and too much of the Lord in me to enjoy the world
At that moment I peeped my thoughts were growing too deep
I said, "Whatever, I'm smoking some weed and going to sleep"

Verse 2: shai linne
As I tossed and turned in my slumber
I was lost in fervent wonder
because I saw a furnace and heard thunder
I couldn't believe it, in front of me now I was seeing
not one, but two mighty, powerful beings
And nothing that man can tell in pictures
could ever prepare my eyes to behold these angelic figures
An angel and a demon, I thought I was dead
But then demon opened his mouth and this is what he said:

Verse 3: Evangel
We want to have your faith disturbed- get mad and hate to serve
your Boss- behind the scenes we agitate your nerves
with demonic schemes- We'll put holes 'til we took sole
control of your good soul or gained a foothold
You know the likes of this:
Hell's angels- demons, and not the motorcyclists
I want to bring you down like detox, I've been around for epochs
Please stop asking 'Why' like that cat from D-block
We learned our lesson- we sinned in His sight
Now we living in fright because we have spurned His blessings
It's absurd to question- I've been in His light
Now I fight His infinite might with a third of heaven
We assemble- read the Memo- we also believe and tremble
although we'll all go to a place for the unlawful
Justly confined with the devil
where it's custom designed for us rebels
Where some are called "Christian", They're on a lost mission
'Cause, faith without works needs a mortician
A facade, because I'm from squad that sees Christ
as the Son of God and still won't receive life
Tossed from the heavenlies, a place calm and beautiful
Ecstasy without the street pharmaceuticals
But through God's imputable righteousness
man gets a life of bliss
thanks to the price of Christ's crucible
Wow, You know story
We'll get the crucial judgment that's useful for Jehovah's glory
So while you want to claim faith and trust Jesus' namesake
Make it genuine- or you'll get the same fate

Verse 4: shai linne
I was gripped with fear when his words hit my ears
I never thought a vision could be this severe
But is this a vision here?
I was more surprised
when right before my eyes
The demon disappeared
I peeped the angel- thought his holiness would bite my head off
Instead he tossed me a bright red cloth to wipe the sweat off
I've never been so afraid- my heart it was weak
He came closer, looked me in my eyes and started to speak:

Verse 5: Timothy brindle
Since man's seldom seeing
the truth, he can't tell- so hear from this angelic being
A divine messenger
and I don't resemble chubby babies with wings
That's a lying replica
I'm a ministering spirit who serves Christ
and those who will inherit eternal life
I've seen all the days of history
Yet I'm still gazing into this amazing mystery
That God would make humans from dirt
And after removing their curse make them a beautiful Church
Have you seen in the heavens to behold His Son
In the immediate presence of the Holy One?
Nah, be thankful kid
Cause sinful humans are unable to see His glorious face and live
And if you're in terror when seeing me
How much more will you be scared of the Deity who created me?
That's why cherubim and seraphim wouldn't dare to sin
Cause they're scared of Him after peering at His face
And no angel has experienced grace
And if I sinned, He wouldn't have saved me
Consider His goodness- you shouldn't be angry
You've lived violently with pride and greed
I've lived entirely with piety
in compliancy to His dynasty
Yet no Messiah has ever died for me
See, I'm right with God 'cause I'm sinless
Men are right with God from forgiveness
I've been shouting His praises for thousands of ages
I bow in amazement at His power and patience
Yet I've encountered He's gracious
Instead of Him devouring pagans, He's vowing to save them
Italians and Asians, bountiful nations
will worship with me, though I never doubted His cadence
And don't be mad at Him because Adam sinned
Us angels bugged out He didn't smash him then
Yeah, it's true- He allowed the fall of man
But He used it now to exalt the Lamb
The Lord, who's wise, permits existence of sin
to be glorified in His forgiveness to men
So listen, my friend- your complaints are many
If anything, be amazed that He's saving any
Yeah, you confess the Lord, but those who truly profess are pure
Make your election sure!
Are you saved or not? You're faced with a choice
Please repent to make us angels rejoice
Are you saved or not? You're faced with a choice
So please repent to make us angels rejoice

Verse 6: shai linne
The angel bounced- I immediately fell on my face
Because I knew God had sent him to me to tell of His grace
I was swelling with praise- I said, "Lord have mercy on me!
You sent your elect angel and one that You cursed to warn me"
My murmurs were persistent- the nerve of this Christian!
Served with this vision even though Your Word is sufficient
I deserve to be loathed for my sinful distrust
And like Your servant Job, I repent in the dust
Forgive me for what's occurred in the dark
My doubt and my sin go hand in hand like lovebirds in a park
What I was speaking was hazardous and equally blasphemous
Your glory's more important than creaturely happiness
Jesus you're fabulous!
I cling to Your cross to have my sin tossed
Like that fallen angel I should have been lost
Alarm clock went off-
It's just a dream- tempted to doubt
Looked on my pillow- saw a bright red cloth