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Cross Movement - Off da Hook
(from the album House of Representatives)
© copyright 1998

Verse 1:
You're lookin' at an ex-crook/
In fact, I'm lookin' back at the day I got off the hook/
And put the crookin' act back behind/
Man I got, no plans to rewind/
I used to be blind but now I see fine with divine spectacles/
Some biblical meats and vegetables/
My level's risin' like cholesterol/
Best of all, I'm blessed to call God my father I got arrested, y’all/
Let me tell you how it happened check it, y’all/
Though I'm tough like shoe leather/
I always new whether or not I did good, I always could do better/
Plus I knew a lot of fellas worst than me/I thought, "How bad could I be?"/
Then I got a lette- a subpoena -to pre-bema court trial/
I thought, "How? Of course I'll plead not guilty- I'm just a poor child/
I figured, "No lawyers needed… the court speeded/
They're mistaken. I'll take my own case and plead it."/
Conceited-I figured I'd throw the judge one line/
Blow his dumb mind and be out of there by lunch time/
Dressed to impress with my best clothes on/
Just then the Judge stepped in with a red robe on/
(Hold on) this must be a dream/
It's Chief Justice Supreme Judge Elohim/
I'm feelin' sick like disease/
'Cause in His court we all fall short like midgets on our knees/
My lunch plans canceled/
I don't stand a chance-He'll pull my file-I'm in distress like a damsel/
I'm shocked and in awe-then my jaw hits the floor/
The prosecutor comes in and it's Mr. Law (Awww)/
No more hope and now I'm waitin'/
He's known for bringin' condemnation with his open statement/
My heart is poundin' as he states what the charge is/

I'm in trouble man/
I better come up with a plan/
Maybe I can make the dash/
Or give the judge a little cash/
I know that I'm wrong/
And I'm trying to be strong/
But my rap sheet is long/
So I'm singing this song

Verse 2:
I found myself jammed in court and in short/
I was guilty of bein' filthy like men in sports/
I was losin'- the prosecution was relentless/
He pointed out the flaws in my mouth like a dentist/
He exposed my very words/
Gave the court a record of every dirty joke and every curse/
More error when he picked my mind like a psychiatrist/
The jury's buyin' it-they're gettin' mad like a scientist/
(There's a door) You know I'm eyein' it/
Better tryin' split cause Mr. Law rules with an iron fist/
I'm not a chump but I know I gotta run/
But I'm not dumb- I see that guard and he's gotta gun/
No one's laughin' not a one/
He pulled out x-rays of my heart and I don't know where he got em' from/
He labeled me a thug—I screamed, "I WAS NOT!"/
—Objection overruled—then he pulled out my mug-shot/
Showed the jury me and my boys at the drug spot/
And the bus stop smokin' much pot in a rough spot/
(I was hot) He went on, revealed the lust I hold/
Plus I'm swoll ‘cause He showed all the stuff I stole/
(The prosecution won’t rest) He made reference to my sin-nature/
Pulled out mad evidence/
Statin' ever since I was born I've been fond of/
Sin, on one accord with Satan like a Honda/
With justice on the trail He proved I was gonna fail/
Put my motives on the scale/
(That's it, I'm goin' to jail) Kind of petro, but yet I'm thinkin', "Let's go./
How bad can jail be?" · But now they’re screamin', "DEATH ROW!"

This is ill yall/
Yo, it's for real y'all/
Can't you see that I'm doomed/
And I'm about to be consumed/
So young but sin has got me so strung/
I'm about to cry because I'm about to die

Verse 3:
I'm still in court and in my mind thoughts of death sink/
By now I'm funky, I'm hungry plus my breath stinks/
The Judge, jury, even I'm convinced/
I'm guilty of law-breakin' and it's all makin' sense/
You and I only look good to the human eye/
Man bein' basically good is a human lie/
I'm thirsty, but not for water, for mercy/
I'm unworthy · the whole court room heard me/
The Judge stood with the law book/
They all looked and saw what blew their minds as the one who made the law took/
Off His robe, and became the substitution/
Off we strolled to the place of execution/
Gave me a pardon instead let them bruise Him/
Justified me and let the law accuse Him/
They gripped Him, stripped Him, whipped Him/
They saw thorns and picked Him, they sticked Him/
He made Himself the victim/
I felt the pain-I walked home in the rain/
Changed, not the same, because I knew I should have got the blame/
How could I complain? I wept on my bed/
When on my pillow I found a letter and it read/
"He's Alive!" I thought that He'd be back at the morgue/
Tears poured, then I hear tap at the door/
Unexpected but…Yup, you guessed it/
He had resurrected! He came in my heart and blessed it/
Love manifested though I wear jeans and not the double breasted/
I praise God I got arrested, 'cause I had just heard of Him/
Now I'm a son, not a distant relative like a third cousin/
Word brethren-Get a load of me-I'm free/
I'm property of the only God who died for me/
I can see a whole society who need to cop a plea/
Sin's got the lock-but God's got the key.

Look now/
No more crook now/
Close the book now/
My sins are took now/
No more death row/
No more death yo/
Come what ever in Christ I'll live forever/
Forever off the hook.