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TRUTH, da - Go
(from the album The Faith)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1
Got to get my weight up
Everyday that I wake up
Is another day close to the grave
Now there's a cross that I take up
Everyday that I wake up
It's good just to know that I'm saved
That puts a smile on my face
Just thinking about His grace
I've been saved since five years old
When momma told me to scrape
All the food on the plate
Plus the greatest story that's been told
She taught me John 3:16
By the time I was 16
I was broadcasting my faith
I was telling the good news
I knew that I couldn't lose
Especially if my behavior was straight
‘Cause it's one thing to talk
It's another thing to live
Like Christ when you get with your friends
So you can show them how Christ
Can transform a life
In addition to forgiving your sins

Now if you're standing right here
And you're hearing me loud and clear
And when it comes to the message of Christ
You ain't scared
Let me hear you say—Go!
Come on let me hear you say—Go!
And if your in a good mood
And you know that you can’t lose
If you talk to a person
And give them the good news
Let me hear you say—Go!
Let me hear you say—Go!

Verse 2
Sometimes it's beautiful
Other times I'm fuming
When I go to a funeral—why
Because the preacher that's ruling
The pulpit is fooling them
Pulling the wool over their eyes
So now what's a man to think
When in every single case
The preacher boldly exclaims
Though he never claimed to be saved
And he died from aids
That he's still in a better place
Now I leave confused
And the people leave confused
And the family is comforted, but
It's under the false pretense
That once a weekend
Is all that Jesus wants
So you know that it's our job
To open up their eyes
With the truth that's found in the script
So we can't afford to hide
The treasure that's inside
Let’s bless the world with this wonderful gift—let's give it to them


Verse 3
Can't be ashamed
Of going against the grain
Got to pray—lest we fall into sin
You know the sin of not
Speaking the truth in the word of God
‘Cause you're afraid of losing a friend
Now if you saw your friend
About to get hit by a car
You would run and push them out of the way
Because you love him
You would shove him
To keep the taker from shoveling that brown dirt over his grave
Now if you would go to great lengths
To save a man’s life
‘Cause you don't want to see them die on the road
Then tell me how much more
Should you tell him about the Lord
Because you care about the state of his soul
Now there is so much more
That I really wanted to say
But I chose to keep it simple and light
So keep teaching—keep preaching
The world they need Jesus
Much more than we need to be liked