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TRUTH, da - Civilian
(from the album The Faith)
© copyright 2005

I'm a civilian—My feet are planted/
I'm on this planet/
But cannot get too attached to this life/
'Cause I'm a pilgrim—And so I'm building/
Fulfilling the great commission/
My eyes are fixed on the Christ/

Verse 1:
We on a roll Tonic told me to write from my soul/
And not to think about the reviews or the albums I sold/
And so I did that/
Laid back, prayed, got my focus right/
Thought about what the culture needs/
Not just what the culture likes/
Thought about the youth of the church/
And got depressed like/
Man, they only want what they see/
Look at their appetites/
They only crave/
For what satisfies for the moment/
They can’t see past their noses/
Ain’t thinking about the afterlife/
Man, they don't want God/
They want 50 Cent/
They don't even want Christian rappers/
At least not if he spends/
Most of his time on stage/
Bragging about God and His ways/
They really want the gods of this age/
And so they're bored when they sit in church/
You see them slumped in their seats—half asleep/
Simply ignoring the literature/
They want the counterfeit like forging a signature/
Man, they don't care about the Lord and His worth—‘cause


Verse 2:
I get so tired of reading men in the Bible/
Then coming up for air/
Looking around—I can't find nobody like them/
Sister girl’s eye is on buying the next item/
Ya'll know we're in the age where idleness is an idol/
Man, we need revival/
Ambassador told me to meet him in the kitchen/
‘Cause dude, look at their diet/
It’s sweets all week long/
And I ain’t talking about junk food/
I'm talking about what they’re really desiring/
Xboxâ, videos/
Girls paint their pretty toes/
You know the type that can’t fall asleep ‘til the city dozes/
Slaves to their cell phones, radios/
Or maybe over a friend’s watching Ray Liotta on HBO/

My generation can’t be still or sit calm/
They skip Psalms to go to the bedroom and watch sitcoms/
Now, I know that we exist in a tension/
I just wish that we would switch our affection—I know the fight


Verse 3:
Ever since the advent of the steam engine/
Man, it almost seems like Yahweh lost the redeemed's interest/
To iPods, Internet/
Our God's infinite/
Kids ain’t a bit impressed/
Parents don't get it yet/
And some of our pastors don't get it yet/
Man, they think it's enough/
If the kids are getting crunked/
So they keep throwing skate parties and concerts/
So, the kids know P. Diddy and Fonzworth/
But nothing about God's worth/
And that's a problem Houston/
Let's not confuse it—part of God’s solution/
Is the older scooping the younger/
Hoping to produce a hunger/
For righteousness in their souls/
Discipleship is the goal/
I pray that the generation that likes to listen to Hov/
Would turn to the Lord Jesus Christ to lift up their souls/
Above the surface I pray we would know His worth/
And prefer the things of God over what is bound to the earth