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TRUTH, da - 2 is Better
(from the album The Faith)
© copyright 2005

Hook: J.R.
I need you and you need me/
We need each other/
So let's agree—I'm not complete/
The truth is I need you/

Verse 1:
Two is better than one—you know that three is a cord/
Let's get together and rally around the things of the Lord/
Monday, Tuesday—after leaving the doors/
Of the church house—when church is out we got a reason to form/
A gathering—rather than shooting a breeze at the shore/
Our pattern should be gathering to put our knees to the floor/
Wednesday, Thursday—this is our season to forfeit/
Some of our leisure time just to see Him perform/
The wonderful works of our God got to be seated before/
Him—I'm talking about community life where we can be strong/
That's where we build each other up—because we in a war/
And we're scooping the younger saints—just to see them mature/
The discipline of discipleship should not be seen as a chore/
Even though we (are) seeing them yawn, they seem to be bored/
We've been interdependent beings, since seeds to be born/
And isolation is not something that we can afford—we need each other


Verse 2
Before we're found in a hearse—you know we can't be bound to the earth/
Now, I know this is kind of home—so I'm sounding berserk/
But what I mean is if we're balanced—just as round as the earth/
That we can have some casual talk but expound on His worth/
Friday—Yahweh gives the power to shirk/
The temptation of being idle after hours of work/
In the library, my prayer is that we browse through and search/
For our spiritual brothers and sisters—blouses and shirts/
New friends, new family—gather around the church/
Break bread, drink juice or wine and dine as a certain/
Way to symbolize our bond as a body—our first/
Priority is to love God and out of it's birthed/
An affection for one another—we're to challenge and spur/
Each other on to love and good deeds—admonishments, hurts/
Now cut the superficial talk—let's get down to the dirt/
And really help each other change—like what's down in your purse


Verse 3
Let's greet with a kiss—symbolizing that the breach has been bridged/
Multicultural fellowships are distinctive and since/
The Roman soldiers drove nails into His feet and His wrists/
You know the walls that separated us have ceased to exist/
Yes, yes—now there's peace in the midst/
And family life is the only way that believers consist/
'Cause we can sharpen one another read Ephesians the fifth/
Chapter let's sit after service just to sing and uplift—we need each other

Other, other—brother, brother/
Sister, sister—family/
Together, together—as one, as one/
Let love, let love—knit our hearts/