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Gospel Gangstas - Maybe If
(from the album Do or Die)

All my life I walked stuck in the dark thinking brothers that go to
church had to be marks.................. though I had it twisted like
french braids. It takes a man to serve God this aint no kids trade. I
got saved and the devil wept .................... pertaining to my
ghetto rep. I was a shooter in my former life .......... now can I make
a G slide to the right side. If anybody can do then you can do tic. Well
if I can do then its done and Im a do it quick ( why) cuz Im a doer
never seen a one truer than me cuz this is O double G thing. (you see)
I got a question maybe you need to ask yourself, how do you refuse to
come to Christ when he can give you help..................... catching
case after case looking left and right, up and down when the answers
right in front your face.

Maybe if you would lift your eyes and see whats cracking, step back and
....... like a G
Maybe if you would lift your eyes and see Satan trying to twist em
dropped in the system let Christ set you free

attention OGs open up your ears up and all busters stop up your ears so
you cant hear us cuz its only G talk when we talk and by the lyrics and
by faith is how we walk. Until then Ive been known to break knees but
one time can I break it down for the Gs you never forget my
name.... I worship the slain now all gangstas aint the same. See some
bang some slings cain some shoot some fight some......some smoke root
some claim cypt some push luck and some by root some serve creed and
some serve God like I do. I once was blind but now I see dough at 80
degrees and blow life into the hood