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TRUTH, da - The Portrait (Da Vinci Code Snapshots)
(from the album The Faith)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1
Was Christ really buried—is there a chance/
That He really married Mary and fled over to France/
Did they really find His bones with a fine tooth comb/
Or did He walk out of His tomb to His throne/
Was He God—was He not/
Was He alive when they dropped Him in a tomb/
Did He swoon—was He moved/
Was He removed by delusional dudes that refused to believe in the truth/
Were they fools/
Were the disciples hallucinating was the truth evaded/
‘Cause they wanted to boost His ratings/
Did the Catholic church from the Vatican/
Work at keeping the bag of dirt under the rug/
Was he God from above/
If He was do you blink, do you shrug, do you hate do you love (2X)

Christ on the poster/
Christ of the culture/
Christ on the stain glass/
Christ of the future/
Christ on the video/
Christ on the radio/
The Christ of Da Vinci/
What does he really know/
Christ on award shows/
Christ that Lord knows/
Christ that’s sure to come back in His war clothes/
In which Christ do you believe/
You gotta know before you leave

Verse 2:
Yes he did arrive, yes He was alive/
No—he wasn’t married never had any wives/
Yes—He did rise, days after He died/
What can I say—yes He is God!/
From the womb to the tomb/
To His throne nobody in Rome could hold on to His bones/
‘Cause there were no bones to be held though His bones were beheld/
Who would have known it was Jehov on the DL/
Providing forgiveness our lives are offensive/
He died to put you and I in a friendship with himself/
Pain is felt when the glorious gospel is exchanged for wealth/
Forget about how the spades were dealt/
And think about how you measure up when weighed on the scale/
One Lord-One faith I plug/
One Lord-One Christ, one judge