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TRUTH, Da - Whose Team?
(from the album The Faith)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1:
Jesus—the God of the Bible died on the cross/
All in the name of love like Diana Ross/
Chicks are dyeing their hair and dudes are dying to floss/
I'm dying to see Christ the I Am acquire the lost/
I'm not quiet at all/
No, This planet's a giant-ask King David this giant will fall/
Just because we can't see God like the wires in the wall/
Don't mean that He ain't coming back with a thunderous blow/
People who keep their eyes on the cross/
Will rise and applaud/
The king plus dine in His hall/
I know we like to think/
That deceased rappers will do the same thing/
But trust me dog—the media is lying to ya'll/
They ain't never make a profession of faith/
And you can tell by their diet they ain't have nothing but death on they plate/
We got the right to be skeptics and wait/
To see fruit that remains before we label cats receptors of grace.

Me and my dudes are so confused about/
Whose team you on—Satan's or God's/
Please just make up your mind/
If it is God's then it should be known/
Me and my dudes are so confused about/
Whose team you on—Satan's or God's/
Please just make up your mind/
If it is God's then it should be known

Verse 2:
That won't suffice—I'll roll the dice/
Place my bets on the King who must control your life/
Respect His preferences over your own/
That's impossible with an album full of moaning and groans/
And the promotion of wrong—most of your songs/
Are just as foul as it gets—as wild as it gets/
People, they follow your steps/
How hollow is this—talking model chicks and bottles of Kris/
And out of your lips-same lips you try to convince/
That though your music is foul God's behind your success/
No—that's a misnomer/
God hates your music-He's not a schizophrenic/
Really, it makes no difference/
How you try to explain/
That your heart ain't the same/
It’s the stuff that you're saying/
See, your heart's the problem and your mouth's the problem/
You can't appease the wrath of God with a gospel album—no/
Or a gospel song—'cause if you could/
Then that would mean that God is wrong/
And God is not, God is right—but God is longsuffering and kind/
That's the only reason God's prolonged His judgment/
If you loved Him, you would keep His commandments/
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall/
And even in famine/
You need to examine you/
Don't presume that your His/
Just because you went to church when you was a kid/
Jesus Christ is zooming the lens on your heart/
You got a point—only God could judge you and your friends.


Verse 3:
I'm addressing the issue in the music business/
You right, only God can judge you—but He uses Scripture/
The music that you producing man, it moves your listeners'/
Views further away from God which proves the distance/
Between you and him/
Yeah, we saw you on the VMA Awards thanking the Lord/
But your fruit is missing/
You got your spoon in the pudding but the proof is missing/
You know it's sad when the public is like—dude's a Christian/
Man, she's a Christian—she was just in the music video with a weave and lipstick/
Half naked with her tummy showing—teasing men/
Doing a bunch of seductive dances—pleasing senses/
Please don't be senseless to think that Jesus is involved with that/
Nah—He's holy man and He won't change His mind/
He doesn't change with the times/
And He only hangs with the saints that are staying in line/
With His word and His person—it's only vain for you to pay your 10%/
Attend and sit in a church service/
Apart from a heart it’s all worthless'—it's purposeless/
Your work is in vain—you should be nervous/
But you not—you think He's blessing your sin/
Just because your bank account is excessive in cents/
Plus success is a cinch—don't get it twisted/
His kindness should provoke you to confess and repent/
Turn from your wickedness/
Turn from your idols to God/
Burn them up in the sight of the flock/
Learn from Bible the odds of you losing are zip/
All to gain—we ain’t all the same.