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Devine Judgementality - Hell naw
(from the album Da JudgeMentalzzz)
© copyright 2005, 2005

(Big Will)
I'm Diabolical
disarray yo brain wave particles
Conive a Leprachaun into battling for his pot of gold
Your art is old, fictional and holds no morals
Read between the lines and still no hope 4 you./
The swiftest assassin w/ the dillengers blastin
Horse power runnin strong w/ the cilinder magic
Tick for tack w/ methods of lethal ass whip./
Hacking into yo cabinets and rigging them to pour forth acid./
You Assed w/ the last battlist since Cannibus
to handle an MC w/ a lack of compassion./

You can get the plug pulled on yo spare outlets./
My mixtapes are copped more than busted drug warehouses./
Make you flatline quicker than squished worms./
My lyrics is hotter than Johnny Storm with a bush perm./
In the streets we do the law by hood terms./
Lick the edge of my finger tips to keep the nook firm./
Book worm studies the methods of the art of war./
The skilled connoisseur who tutes the pen for as a mighty sword./
I fucked yo sister, but what the hell is we fighting for?
Now she pregnant with a child that i just filed to abort./
Crash the Special Olympic and pis out the torch./
Hired assassin to kill the Messiah w/ his mother's cord./
I love sophisticated women
but I'd fuck a whore./
Yo phony cousin steadily claimin that she dont suck no more./
So I kicked the door in and lifted up the floor./
And made her slip on vanilla panties w/ a chocolate bra./

Hell Naw!


Its like Bloaw!
lil cusion, blowin out yo brain shit./
Shatter yo picture frame when I grip the stainless
microphone, proceed to dis you and test you./
Assualt you, Beat you, Rape you, Molest you./
Let my Flava Flav clock hang like mature testicles./
This is hip hop and by the mic I address a fool./
Rap specimen genetically altered from a test tube./
Bust the next groove, and make it slicker than sex lube./
Informative rhyme... its like Diz-ass covers it all./
Police Brutality, Apartheid... its bizarre./
You can get shells from the eagle or that fresh baked biscuit./
Devine thought from the mind is what I lace the shit with./
Get lifted and make distance to the sick scripts./
And dont let one Boo Boo spoil yo picnic.

(Repeat Chorus)

I'm that crab grass blossoming in meadows./
I'm that arora borealis shining vividly atop the ghetto./
Celestial, MC from the sea city, Lets go./
Gotten shattered scraps from the last attack now I'll launch the next probe./
Throw yo rapper from Mount Everest and wait for the next fold./
This mountaineer hikes w/ his barehands and bed clothes./
Tempest among the tongues who forsakes one./
Flows are adjacent to basics that Bad boy gave Ma$e once./
Was born extraordinary baby to be the livest of infants./
Briving the lyrically gifted to give tips on how to spit it./
In this rap game its nothing less than survival of the fittest./
My rival's technique proves vital to what I'm ripping./
Float like the clouded skies and sting like alcohol./
For the people who made it out the struggle:
I'm proud of yall./
Hell to the Naw