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Devine Judgementality -
(from the album Da JudgeMentalzzz)
© copyright 2005, 2005

[Morphine] I'll never trust a female again
[Dizass] Why is that?
[Morphine]All them hoes is the same
[Dizass]Dont let that shit depreciate you
[Dizass]Get it off yo chest by spitten bout it

And the beat goes on
Yo and the beat goes on
A hundred strong
Word is bond, Dizass

No question
I stay laced with mass protection./
My last affection slipped me a urinary tract infection./
No love for succubuses
I just fuck em on public buses./
Cherries busted consecutive
Recieving brief concussion./
Claiborn and Victoria dont even touch em.
90 degree legs never close to find a discent husband./
There's to many rumors bloomin on grapevines
to hush it./
Pucker to kiss after she just sucked a rough dick./
Not lenient to mailmen
Dont even trust shit./
Odds are the carpenter is the next one she fucks with./

I trust those hoes
In hoes I trust./
Just cant kiss em
Cause they mouth been up on
god knows what?/
Princesses mutate into hog nosed sluts./
When they get greedy and decide to let everyone nut./
Syphalis and gonerhea are both the diagnosis./
Jack dick till they fist ache from osteoporosis./
Riding sticks got her cricked with sculiosis./
Pubic lice is so fur-o-cious from all that hoe shit./
Die and burn in hell you filthy diseased slut./
She's in bed with Psycho Les preparing to "Beatnuts"
Slirp sitch until it plaques and grits you teeth up./
She buff so much bleek that she pratically breathe's nut./