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Devine Judgementality - The Rummage
(from the album Da JudgeMentalzzz)
© copyright 2005, 2005

(Big Will)
Let these syllables flurt w/ the chorus./
As the flame catalyzes on kerosene torches./
Man of Steel, adimantium is what I'm reinforced with./
I'll put my knives in you and you'll levitate like fork lifts./
Black Knight will mount the horses, no remorse shit./
As my batallion intercepts your fortess and eats yo forces./
Verbal Onyx dispersin boulders as massive as golem./
Special forces told them that mere man couldn't hold him./
Snaps kids like twigs w/ backbreakers to ribs./
Until they vomit stomachs in basinetts, carriages, and cribs./

(Chorus: Dizass)
This is the come up
We bang nights until the suns up./
We dont waste time trickin around with all you dumb fucks./
Bust yo lip and swolen up yo chin, now yo gum's shut./
Come get cut up by the Rummage, (Its the come up)./

I remember my first crush when I was 4./
Tried to impress a girl by catching a knife between my toe./
Dont try this at home
Cant always get what we want./
I crept out that hospital on crutches alone./
I guess that it's the Morphine in my bones./
That made me drink the mercury from the thermometer at home./
That made me suffice, subzero freeze my viens to write./
Do remarkable things like turnin a ho to a housewife./
I'll give it to anybody who claim that they want it./
(From the rummage)
Dumber than a suicidal skyscaper climber blunted./
Present Tense
runnin at yo residence gunnin./
Summin up the presidents before the other bitch spunt em./
Penmenship is mo vivid than photosynthetic pigments./
Absorb the remaining life force on yo fading spirit./
I'm in love w/ lyricism, cusion, I'm made for this shit./
So gifted in metaphysics and metaphor killings./
Recently added sound alchemy to my reportiore./
Now I'm swipin credit cards w/ a static charge./
Now that is hard!

(Big Will)
Left hook to the medulla
then hit em with the chorus./
I kick shit w/ a passion
on the mic I'm Chuck Norris./
I'm the reason why yo crib's delapitated and boarded./
Dream catcher head lockin demons when I grip the cordless./
Ever since I turned fifteen it was MIDI keyboardin./
Make my loops tie together with melody cowboying./
You can get grotesque with this Edgar Allen Poet./
And he'll serve you bitches "right" like a god damned souvinist./
Old school, I betrove hoes and seal the slip w/ a lip kiss./
Hit the bitch and fractured her shoulders w/ slipped discs./
Introducing the next MC to be heard./
Nouns, verbs and other absurd complex words./
I put the foot down as I mush turd under my feet./
Until it fertilizes the roots sprouting under my feats./

Repeat Chorus

Heal a Smithsonian
Richocheting and homing in./
W/ my barehands, missiles dismantled, tips of chromuim./
C-4, lead, warhead, nukes, and orange agent./
Disturbed agents
Thought you'd never see a norm so flagrent./
Never heard of me or attempt to murder me./
In common with HIV
how I'm Harmin Individuals Verbally./
It adapts into AIDS
Assimilating Individual's Doubts./
Reeve Christopher about paraplege to the mouth./
Dont think I'm a novice just because of the statuses./
Either I'm talented or you the weakest veteran I battled with./
My teflon surface makes me impossible to scratch./
A percentage of yo EP is prominantly wack./
The hardcore of hardcore shit./
No doubt
servin MC's with 8 barred choruses./

Repeat Chorus

Morphine's ego breeds the MC of evil./
Femcees can go deep throat my verbal torpedoes./
1 individual consisting of 3 people./
Trinity, or one epic with three sequels./
Two companions to trust when others dont believe you./
Marquis thanks god for Morphine and Emile./
I sum up all my fears and click the pen and the heels./ (Emile)
Beats provide pens with a descent needle to bleed through./
Who want to shit with the ritualistic spins of misfits?/
Sick scripts they kicken from the concrete village./
Defined as ill witted from the veteran division./
Solid as he shifts his molecules into fixed position./