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Lampmode - Inchrow
(from the album Grassroots)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1: shai linne
Peep the Inchrow, consider the church "Jesus in the temple"/
By church I mean people, the steeple's not essential/
The teaching is simple- Adam and Eve made us sinful/
But when God wrote the Script, grace was leaking from the pencil/
What we verbalize will free you like a bird in the skies/
They serving you lies, we prefer to devise a word to the wise/
Observe with the eyes of your heart- stop and take a listen/
It's life or death- You've gotta make a decision/
We're soldiers sent to operate the mission- not to propogate religion/
Not some fake tradition, got the Great Commission/
Chist crucified and risen- that's the mandate we translate/
Most rap fans hate, but God's people can't wait/
Grassroots by Lampmode- in Christ we trust/
We're looking for the 7,000 that's just like us/
In my crew's some rowdy Gideons/
And apart from Christ, you and God are enemies like Jews and Palestinians.

Verse 2: Timothy Brindle
See, shai and tim might have been the slyest men/
So high from gin and Heinekens, our eyes would spin like a tire's rim/
And I even ate kaleidapins as vitamins/
We despised Him then- paid no mind to Him/
But the Messiah's the kindest Friend who died for sins/
He saved us, changed up our lyrics and gave us His Spirit who abides within/
The gospel is free- it won't cost you a fee/
But that's 'cause the cost was a whole lot at the tree (The Cross)/
Sin's wage is death, but His love is deep/
So He paid the debt, His blood's the receipt/
Since the Son of Man's wrath is colossal/
We understand and keep our rugged jams packed with the gospel/
Now in spite of the hype of these crews/
We'd rather stay unknown like the writer of Hebrews.

Verse 3
Now let's take a test taste of my God's blessed grace/
You won't turn back like you rocked a neck brace/
Let's face it, that's the best place for your estate/
'Cause death waits with a set date- you're in checkmate/
You can't escape from your death's fate/
Unless you make Christ's righteousness your breastplate/
Then when He separates reprobates from elect saints/
you can spectate instead of being pressed grapes/

(shai linne)
Without Christ, where would I be? Lord knows/
I might be dissing Him in my songs, then thanking Him at award shows/
I might think it was my duty to spit flows at fellas, dissin/
On B.E.T.- Booties Exposed Television/
Industry Rule Four thousand eighty-one/
Is the gospel music industry is just as shady, son/
So we'll do it grassroots while we tell of the Lord/
'Cause we don't wanna dwell in hell clutching a Stellar award/

So, I'll get stoned today if I don't condone you're gay/
But I'm not supposed to say Christ is the only way/
If my tongue had no delay, I'd do a hundred shows a day/
Just to say the Son didn't undergo decay/

We gon' rep Christ as long as we're writing our songs/
'Cause what kind of King would sacrifice His life for the pawns/
If you like it, it's on, pass it along in all directions/
And holla back; If not, we'll see you at the resurrection!