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Mars ILL - Talkback
(from the album Pro-Pain)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1:
Now slide back, why don't we try that/
Locomotion up the gut, no cut, no sidetrack/
No trust fund to lose, no reputation to buy back/
No hesitation, pause, involved when I rap/
Handle my B.I. where the B.S. is knee-high/
Soldiers try to sneak by, begging for a cease fire/
We gotta decide, we live, we die/
We spending free time begging for a free ride/
Stand by the seaside documenting each tide/
Can't keep this peace inside, I gotta speak mine/
With a line hook to make the blind look/
Took nine variations and left your mind shook/
I grind the game down to a fine powder/
Fuel my perpetual motion with God's divine power/
We all got a lot to say before the final hour/
Voices tend to blend together so I'm hoping mine's louder.

I want to talk to you, just give me some time/
Life spins light speed in a serious grind/
We can reach a higher level if we're willing to climb/
I want to walk with you just give me a sec/
Miles traveled to the music in the rhythm you step/
We could all use a little help I'm willing to bet.

Verse 2:
See it's eleven o'clock PM Eastern standard time/
What's happening, friend? Seems the answer's crime/
The newscaster speaks to every home in my community/
As the teleprompter gives him all his cues to read/
Rape, murder, robbery, he transitions it beautifully/
My dad is talking about "It ain't the way it used to be."/
We're told we're animals and we believe it foolishly/
I play it off but really deep inside it's moving me/
I choose believing in the dignity of mankind/
And dutifully polish up its public image with grand shine/
See, I'm a land mine, embedded where my shoes touch/
Snooze-button vocalists, prepare to see your crews crushed/
The news is history but the future is true love/
We like ourselves too much, so let the fools rush/
Initiate it in the shopping malls and parking lots/
Let's speak about it in the coffee spots and barber shops/
Hallelujah, Asa Lama Lakem, mazel tov/
Let's get together and save the streets we gotta walk/
It's me and you, us, themselves, and all of y'all/
Plain and simple if you got the time I wanna talk.