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Mars ILL - More
(from the album Pro-Pain)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1: manCHILD
I want more money/
Less people that want somethin from me/
More masterpieces from artists who stay hungry/
More honest politicians runnin positive campaigns/
More scandals exposed when i pull back the band-aid/
Less cris, pop, and champagne/
And less young brothers on the corner enslaved to slayin cane/
I want more freedom, I want more reason/
I want more listenin and less speakin/
I want more meanin, more leavin me speachless/
Believing in a word i want more or i'm leavin/
I want less keepin it real when you dont know what it means/
Less people that steal dreams and keep it obscene/
More street teams to post my face in your city/
More soldiers that's ready right now to roll with me/
More light on Atlanta, more fame for my friends/
More questions, more answers, more rain, more wind/
Less death, more life, less wrong, more right/
More peace, more fight with more fire in the night/
I want more for a moment and everything for a lifetime/
And right now just might be the right time/

I want more…then some

Verse 2: Ahmad
I want more critics to diss me, more cops to frisk me/
More haters harborin' hard feelings against me/
It's more motivation to stab rappers who face me/
They more or less slept on the avenue, (who been sleep?!) /
More than the fame to me, more than a game/
You swore your crap was banging it's more of the same/
More than a hangin' nowadays, war is engrained/
In brains of living corpses, a horrible thing/
Lord of the zombies, Satan got us horned for range/
Rovers, reject Jehovah, living sorted and strange/
Money's addictive, more then heroin in veins/
Just to get rich for dough, risk goin in flames/
I flow like liquid, never wrote a poem that's lame/
I want more platinum records to hang/
M-O-D, I'm a O-G, label tried to control me/
Told homie I'ma opt out like kobe/
'Less you show me the dough/
I want more


Verse 3: manCHILD
I want more choices, more to say with less voices/
more gas in the tank to move me where the noise is/
I want more love, more strength, more power/
With less over the counter sales of gunpowder/
More hours in the day, more towns for me to play/
More sunrays and a higher minimum wage/
I want more from the music i listen to on the F.M. /
Less businessmen who pretend to be my bestfriend/
More chances to take and more guts than glory/
I want more experience to bighten up my story/
More women to ignore me/
Want more wives than shorties/
More time to appreciate those that came before me/
More compassion, less promises, more action/
More truth in the media so i really know what's happenin/
I want less violence and more moments of silence/
There's more to this life and i pray to god you find it