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Mars ILL - All Out
(from the album Pro-Pain)
© copyright 2005

It's our sound, big city or small town
People are people we goin all out, out
Are y'all down, big city or small town
People are people we goin all out

Verse 1:
I pop a collar when I'm breaking a neck/
I'm the ace in the deck that keeps you placing your bets/
A taste for direct quotes pacing my steps/
Deepspace release dates are always taking your check/
Your favorite radio station's next/
Chasing charts based with my heart breaks and shaking my chest/
I pick apart each word until i say it correct/
My punch lines are puzzle pieces that delays the effect/
But I'll never fade away/
Keep the sun in a jar because I'm here to save the day/
My crew watches cops to catch a glimpse of flava flav/
Sipping on the music quake and stating hateraid/
Designed by divine hairs, my spine is a light stand/
Cut me off at the waist you can't be half the man that i am/
It's getting hot in here black tar and white sand/
And stepping off is your homework assigned man/
I listen to life like a blind man/
Compared to fifty cent I'm just shy 5 grand/
No way they over yet I'll tell you when its done/
Holla at your boy like you're yelling at your son.


Verse 2:
I'm a good old boy, red blooded American male/
Try to define me, but their comparisons fail/
Bones get shattered if your skeleton's frail/
And freedoms just a tale that they telling in jail/
I'm selling em invention in Edison style ideas/
Rhymes pay my rent for the past 5 years/
It's dried my tears, defied my fears/
And I'll be speaking my mind till i die right here/
I was born in Savannah/
Bounce town to town until i found my home in Atlanta/
And my poem is a manner of answer in a session/
If you've got questions then I've got a few suggestions/
Lessons I've learned in a small town life/
Gotta practice every night until the song sounds right/
Swore the lights were bright when you tried to make it/
It takes you different places if you've got the guts to say it/
Spit like my jaws filled with home grown tobacco/
Running things like i know every single little back road/
Cut like exacto from here to el paso/
My people are the reason that i rap, oh.