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Timothy Brindle - Behind Bars
(from the album The Great Awakening)
© copyright 2003

Verse 1: muzeOne
Metallic metaphors locking down once open doors/
Vain repetition echoing off in empty corridors/
Dirty floors dingy and dusty/
Air stale and musty/
Rugged as rugby/
Yo kid, for real, this place is ugly/
Curiosity drug me deeper in this heartless darkness/
Mind racing wondering, “who on earth could be a part of this?”/
The architect of destruction must have been a human hand/
What foolish plans/
Who on earth would build their house on fluid sand? /
Ran through it and- found a cage with a man chained to the back wall/
Came closer and saw his face and I almost had a heart attack ya’ll/
Stepped back stalled and awe of this sight before my face/
It was Christ bound up mouth strapped closed with duct tape/
Is this a mistake- a bad joke? - If it is I ain’t laughing/
Thoughts and actions blasting out the (lot) to ask what’s happenin’/
Rapidly unchained my Savior took the tape up off his mouth/
Asked the Lord, ‘what happened? I can’t figure this out/
He explained to me the pain which He endured ever so patiently/
Faithfully facing His death in order to get this wretched building/
Finally after His own spirit was let go/
He snatched the key from the owner after three days of Escrow/
The transaction was sealed by the mark of the Holy Ghost/
Self was cool until destruction decided to boast/
Lies and greed decided to hide the seed/
They bump rushed violently until pride of life came took the title deed/
Feeding the flesh- leaving the temple looking scary B/
New tenant- heresy- landlord is popularity/
The Lord spoke of His grand design He had in mind/
His plan was kind but the building stands blind/
To the simple fact that these other towers are crumbling/
Who need the grand architect- now I’m left wondering/
One question burned, ‘Lord what place could this be?’/
He said sad, ‘the heart of most so called Christian emcees.’

Hook- it’s getting hard for me to ignore the spiritual part of me/
That wants to hear Christ and not just lyrical artistry/ x2

Verse 2: Timothy Brindle
As muze was saying/
You ain’t conveying the truth/
Or displaying your fruits when your music’s playing/
Who’s obeying? /
If we’re created to worship Christ/
How come you never stated His purchase price/
Rearrange your steez and change your thesis/
Some Christian mc’s seem ashamed of Jesus/
But when you do talk principles and try to drop syllables/
About God- they’re not biblical/
If you saints are Christian and you’re chosen and saved/
Why ain’t you spitting about how He rose form the grave/
On your tape is Sublime/
If your basing your rhyme on anything but His grace- your wasting your time/
How could you not represent/
What God heaven sent? /
Just to cop props- man stop and repent/
Don’t lose your crown just to prove your down/
Its sin or righteousness- there’s no neutral ground/
Claim we reppin’ Christ just to sell records B/
No we preach ‘cause souls face hell’s treachery/
Do you see the comparison/
Man people are perishing/
In your rhymes is the word ‘Jesus’ embarrassing? /
I’d rather have no fans and spit the gospel bro’/
Than rap dope jams just to get popular/
Why ignore His honor? /
Deny Christ before men and get denied before the Father/
We worship fervently/
Might as well get used to praising Him now- we’ll be worshiping for eternity/
Running your traps- the rhymes you dealt are selfish/
And some of you cats are kind of health and wealthish/
Not to send this hostile/
But a lot of these gospel rappers don't present
the gospel/
So timothy and muze/
Came to bring you the news/
We minister to simply lift the King of the Jews.


Verse 3: shai linne
Like timothy was spitting/
Speak what’s true- no beef with you/
What’s offending me is your writtens/
Let’s reason together brethren/
If your profession of faith is real that means your going to heaven/
By grace through faith in Christ we’re eternal lifers/
Forever we’ll be partaking in heavenly cypha’s/
But if I pass the mic to angelic beings/
Would the flip silly schemes/
About how they had the illest wings? /
Or would they say how they used those wing to cover their feet and eyes/
In the presence of Jehovah El Shaddai/
I should clarify- lest I be misunderstood/
Make sure you’re not so earthly minded that you’re no heavenly good/
You say you witness with your lips- we witness with our lives for Christ/
It’s not either or- it’s both and to be precise/
Lips without life makes you a hypocrite- life without lips? A Moralist/
Either way the Lord is dissed/
And I hear the chorus line/
You and your supporter chime/
Forget boring rhymes/
Saying Jesus name forty times/
Dawg if you said it forty million times/
That wouldn’t be enough to praise the God who took you out of filth and slime/
We spit, our King's message of reconciliation/
You spit, your message of skills and affiliation/
Who’s you king? - You chose to speak about your pouting beats/
But out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks/
That’s right, you’re not a gospel mc you’re a Christian who raps/
Word, here’s something you can listen to black/
We’re smashing all notions/
Of rap and promotion/
Through bragging and boasting/
‘Cause cats should know that provokes His wrath with explosion/
My added devotion/
Passion and emotion/
For my Master Jehovah who fashioned the ocean/
Got my flags in the open/
Any questions about this rhyme/