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Grits - 10-A-Cee
(from the album Mental Releases)


There's a place, a place, a place called 10-A-Cee
I don't know how it happened, some how it captured me
A place, a place, a place called 10-A-Cee
I don't know how it happened, some how it captured me

1st Verse

It took a second I reckon but now I know I'm on sprung never thought it ever could happen she got
a brother in love... Cause I never wanna leave her... It's simple cause I need her... Wit gold teeth
and jeri curls, country as she wanna be... But you see she's become apart of me inside of me...
Tawkin' like her even like the way she flaunt her poverty... Bust this she got a Cutlass sittin on them
thangs jacked up in the front of you know she got that Quad thump... Peep this I neva creep or keep
her on tha down low... Take her all around yo brotha's lookin jealous so... Keep a nine; close by; in
case a busta wanna try... Takin from me my lady love... Miss Tennessee... Fisk University
Tennessee State you see Meharry's in da house I'm proud to see my people reach.. For da top don't
stop getting what dis country need... Mo of us hittin books education is the key.But back to my main
point No I will never front.. I'm straight outta Nashville cause that's where my love is... Coming from
Jacksonville but bro you know how it is.. Florida is cool and all that's where my heart is.. It ain't
where you from it's where you at... So you can got wit this cause it's super catha-fat... Preachin and
teachin my claim to fame in this rap game true is what I claim to dang da dang diggy diggy... Now I
think it's time for me to go so I'm jetting neva regretting leaving home cause Tennessee's in love with


There's a little place, a place I call my home
A tiny little domicile that I call my own
We dwell, we vibe we mosh in pits of tribe
Do prayer in the layer to thwart opposing sides

2nd Verse

The T, the E, the double N, the E, the quest ends with S, we floatin' on the SEE... Roots are planted
deep, native born of sheep... Americans of Afric usin' rhyme as a theatric... Nothin' but much love
leaks out through my pores... For this great state with activator all on the floors... But I watch my
back, rednecks they lurk in corners... Drivin' white pick-ups, beer gives them the hiccups... Brothas
always brag on who town got the melee'... but more fools die in Tennessee than in LA... So who say
where they dwell swells and is all that... I'm at the place to be in, the initials are TN...