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Cross Movement - Cypha: The Next Day
(from the album House of Representatives)
© copyright 1998

Rise shine for the light has come/
I count all things as dung/
Compared to the knowledge of God the Son
Serious as heart attacks took off my starters hat/
Put on my martyrs cap/
Radical to the core explore the path we travel/
Where God overshadows, those whose ways are narrow/
Glorified apparel, we’ll sport like new garb/
We’re bondservants of the Christ of the cost the true God/
The Father brought us back He devised the plan/
That His Son would bridge the gap between God and man/
How else could the Gospel be born/
If His bodily form wasn’t hostily torn/
This be norm crusin’ heavens highway/
Representin’ Yaweh the fly Way/
The do or die Way/
I won’t hesitate to take my last breath/
I’m ready to die ‘cause I possess eternal life after death .

Cruz Cordero:
Yo, here’s a pop quiz, kid whose pop gives/
Eternal life through Christ and who rocks gigs/
And digs into your chest like a big ole shovel/
And puts broken hearts together like a jigsaw puzzle/
Yo, pause, baby Paul, may I bust that bubble/
By telling you about the God who I trust to turn trouble/
Into triumph, you see, my God be too hard for science/
He brings rocks for my slingshot so I can drop giants/
And enjoy the victory as I wave the white flag/
To the God who wrote, "Paid in full" on my sin’s price tag/
Now mics are grabbed, yo, we brag much/
About the Lord who left death in a bodybag cold-crushed/
Plus, He’s tough-rugged and rough like old rust/
His tender splendedness will cause hard rocks to blush/
Plus, He’ll interrupt your rap program with a slow jam/
And have you all hold hands to "Holy is the Lamb."

The Ambassador:
Ahh, what a relief it is to be in Jesus/
I fooled you with the FUBU and baggies without the creases/
My chief is Jesus—got’s to know him-is my thesis/
Without Jesus even Reeses can’t know what peace is/
Seek us and you’ll see us—truth seekers/
Youth reachers paired up like two sneakers/
True preachers, louder that 22 speakers/
If you peep us you get nothin’ new—JESUS/
You know we live among tough guys/
Who say they rough ride/
But I’ve seen them meet Elohim and no more tough side/
We’re caught up, you know the Savior’s got our jaw stuck/
We’re awe struck cause life’s no longer a toss up/
And though there’s a lot of trouble in it/
In comparison it pales like a bucket with a shovel in it/
Cause one day we’ll be the eternal residents/
With the universal President for Whom we represent.

Of course this is a kid whose been through metamorphosis/
Touched by his divine Jehovistic scorchin’ fist/
His life was what He gave, He paid so I was bought with it/
So I’ve got no remorse of any sorts when I’m torchin’ it/
The mic is my element when I’m tellin’ kids be cautioned with/
The fast life without Christ your portion is/
Eternal separation makin’ statements ‘cause I was brought from this/
Abyss of not knowin’ Christ which was so unfortunate/
His blood rushed from a thug’s touch and to the floor it went/
And even as I’m speakin’ to me it makes more than sense/
Only perfect plasma could settle up this matter/
He scored a ten and now we’re more than friends/
I’m floored with this idea that he absolutely adored this kid/
Co-heir to the kingdom and now the most fortunate.

The Tonic:
Well now, might ya· decipher the first discipler/
Angel of Death sniper every Superman’s Kryptoniter/
More tighter, than any street fighter on your team/
Filleting all your saying and praying to your figurine/
Then there is the hyper type of God hater/
Want to be sequel equal with the creator/
Accolade thief puppet of the Beast/
Who’s the chief "Oh you the piggy with the roast beef"/
Well if it’s you, then let me see you quench the sun/
Then for laughs and fun blaze up another one/
Carve the mountains out with your bare hands/
Take the dust of earth and form a man/
But what you gonna breath into his chest/
‘Cause even from our best comes the breath of death/
Prepare for Emmanuel’s mega burst/
There’s only room for one Sheriff in the Universe.

The Phanatik:
Representing the Kingdom Theocratic it’s the Phanatik/
Getting’ deep as if I was aquatic/
Nomadic the Son of Man has no place to lay his afro/
Sacred tabernacle dwellin’ prevalin’ against the gates of hell and/
Stickin’ to the cross but without the use of nails and/
You say: Great is the mystery but Mister, we don’t understand/
I’m stalkin’ while I’m walkin’ through this winter wonderland/
With some Timberlands troopin’ while I’m scoopin’ out the Gospel/
Don’t get hostile it’s complex but it’s not so/
Hard to understand then again it is for some/
The mystery of the one who is and was and is to come/
If I could rhyme for forever twice/
You still won’t have heard one-third of the words that would serve to describe Christ/
And still I rhyme ‘cause I believe what the text say/
Trust Christ in the End, and you’ll be in the cypha the next day/
"Like That!"