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Phanatik - Press On
(from the album The Incredible Walk)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1:
Lord put a song in my heart to/
Be the rhythm that I march to toward You/
Keep me warm like a Sherlin with grace/
As I walk with the wind of the world in my face/
This place is not home and I can sense it/
As I roam the earth Iíve learned how to pitch my tent quick/
And break it down taking it down a notch/
May I be found to be faithful safely counted in Your flock/
Earth is not a safe place to wander/
Many of the faith based lay waylaid and conquered/
Mainly cause they traded Your honor/
For created things being fond of these things kind of/
Trying to have two gods ruling/
But Youíre not fooled and Youíre not cool with sudo gods dueling/
And trying to bump You for Your space/
They get in front of You and have us front on You to Your face/
I pray for all the soldiers whoíve fallen/
From so strong in their walk to no longer even crawling/
And Iím not looking down from so high/
Cause I know that there but buy the grace of God would go I/
And probably have Iíd probably crash if it wasnít for/
Your grace covering all my mistakes and other flaws/
Lord teach me to learn to love Your law/
Like the writer of the Psalm 119 and other songs

We must press on/
Press on yes we must press on
Press on

Verse 2:
Would you spare our city for 50 righteous men/
Maybe 40, wait 30, 20, 10/
Could you find ten men in our nation/
Who resist the enticements of Satan or the fighting temptations/
With spiritual fruit like in Galatians/
Who respond to hearing the truth whether they like what they're tastin/
Or not the race is not given to the swift/
One must endure to be sure that God is giving him a gift/
If not His floor is a constant continental drift/
His conscience is his only compass, competent only in shifts/
The twist is that Iím confident of this/
God warns us and admonishes and yet it promise is legit/
And this is not as astonishing as it gets/
Weíre autonomous yet His honor sovereign in His intent/
What I meant is that His providence is sensed/
even if we're abominous and pay homage with just our lips


Verse 3:
Over and over the Scriptures warn us/
That we must run the race that was set before us/
But God informs us/
Who can be against us if Heís for us/
The text insures us that Godís grace supports us/
to stop taking shortcuts/
Who can thwart the plan of the Lord/
Not death or life can separate those that His hands secure/
If it sounds like Iím talking out both sides of my neck/
Iím not, Iím talking out both sides of the text/
So watch and listen to the words you hear/
We must muster the strength just to persevere/
And even though we compete/
What God begins He completes/
Faith is the arena eternal life is the reward/
A great cloud of witnesses stands to applaud/
All those who win the wreath/
And celebrate Godís grace for those who continue in belief/
So yes we can rest/
íCause weíre blessed as long as we