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Liphe - Soulful Dreams
(from the album The Eternal Passion)
© copyright 2006

(Tech's parts only)

Verse 1: Tech Omega
I spit life to the beat, rip the microphone/
So I recited this poem when I started to zone/
Young kids on the street lost without a home/
Young girls forced to swallow another manís bone/
Keep it real on rap tracks and set the tone/
Drop wisdom like Christ and I bless your dome/
Used to be lost on the streets on my own/
Now my soulís more in tune with the ways of Christ/
Now I drop ways of life just to blaze that mic/
Done a few things wrong let me make that right/
Had to take the sight now I move and chase that light/
Say peace first dogg well I hate to fight/
Iím a cool man sit back and hit the track/
Christ first in every rap that Iím flipping jack/
My peopleís in the back, huh, they be showing me daps/
ĎCause we keep the message real when we kick that fact.

Hook: Tech Omega
Thatís life when we cried and we feel that shame/
Thatís life when we died and we feel that pain/
So we keep life towards Christ with more to gain/
ĎCause we kick life when it comes towards the gain.


Verse 3: Tech Omega
Take a second to sit back this the time to listen/
Young black brothers lost in the confines of prison/
On the line and slippiní, intelligent minds is missing/
To the innocent lives steadily dying and wishing/
I took the time inside of my rhymes to try to mention/
Fact is we all need to try and find religion/
Excuse me, Iím upfront with the words I say/
But me and Soldier felt the track, yo we felt that day/
Lot of cats too concerned with that sex and play/
I prefer the love of Christ when it comes my way/
And the chicks dig the style, they say the words is mean/
The styleís so fresh and the spiritís so clean/
See Iím living for the soul never for the cream/
Christ influenced the track so Iím spitting supreme/
So I drop a 16 and I move with the lean/
Tossing and turning, sleepwalking when Iím living the dream.