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Flame - Uh-Oh
(from the album Rewind)
© copyright 2006, Cross Movement

Hook: Uh-o the real truth is coming out (repeat 4Xs)

Verse 1:
I done traveled the globe/ and friendly skies I done traveled the road/
done had family members die since October in í04/
when my album dropped asked how many albums I sold/
cause honestly I really donít wanna know/
see what I wanna know is/ what I wrote is it grabbiní a soul/
into the truth of the fact that He rose/
I met a lot of people I been to some places I ainít been before/
and my hunger only increases as I go/
this is my true passion as Iím passing through this life that is giving/
am I pleasiní to the Christ that was given/ on behalf of sinners/
just to see a holy God exalted through life that has been fully exhausted with His Fatherís business/
my earthly visit before I lay in my coffin/
before you all I call God as my witness/
this is truly His business/
so on these tracks I will attack some new issues and old ones too/
so for you welcome back and I missed you letís go

Hook (repeat 8Xs)

Verse 2:
I caught some slack from a couple of songs that I wrote/
but my intention was to offer you some of my hope/
see my intention was to offer you some of the freedom/
that I experienced that came from studying Jesus/
see Iím convinced of the following facts of ďwhat you know affects how you liveĒ/
so knowing that is a proven fact/
affects the kind of lyrics I give to my listener/
the mediaís lying the T.V. is lying/
and guarantee the streets ainít telling the truth/
so what you want me to do/
but point to the Bible for more than survival but Godís word that be speakiní to you/
they God breathe its true/
to know that and hold back is blasphemy/
so insult throw stones and laugh at me/
but my agenda is to pray for your soul/
and in love say the same things you should know/ so on that note I say

Hook (repeat 8Xs)

Verse: 3
So in conclusion I offer this album to God/
while at the same time I offer this album to yaíll/
and that may mean that I go out just like Peter and Paul/
for preaching Jesus to the point where Iím socially martyred/
but my rewards and my treasures will never be stowed/
on this earth but in a place where they can never be stole/
in heaven where I know the saints most definitely go/
cause our inheritance is imperishable and incorruptible/
and as I wait I pray with fervency/
cause the world and the church are in a human emergency/
see itís a war and I done stepped into it/
and Iím on the team of the rescue unit/
for the following people 1. Ones who caught up in false doctrine/
2. Non-believers ignoring the sin problem/
3: and new saints/ so while my mic is on/ all Iíve got is the truth and a warning/