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Flame feat. Dawn Dia - So Sweet
(from the album Rewind)
© copyright 2006, Cross Movement

Verse 1:
As I look at the life of Jesus
and compare my life to Jesusí I fall short
though I know that I would like to please Him
as may reasonable service and worship Him with my whole heart
and I think I speak for all believers
when I say we need Jesus to lead us or we will fall apart
cause ever since Adam fell from eating
fruit from the tree our deeds have been evil thatís why we love the dark
and great men throughout Biblical history
officially can see we are sinners and need a new start
and if your fire is dwindling and you need a rekindling
get rid of that hindering and get this new spark
I thank the Father for Jesus He didnít leave us
as heathens He made us His sheep and placed in us a new heart
now weíre just simply receiving and believing
what Heís achieving and achieved that evening bleeding upon the cross

Hook: Heís so sweet the way He loves me and holds me so closely and toasty Heíll never let me go and so I gotta serve Him give Him the props deserved live life by His word and Heís so sweet He gives me favor and flavor taste of my Savior a taste that should savored fo sho I gotta love Him and trust Him live my life for Him Heís so sweet

Verse 2: And I can even hear them angels rejoice in that angelic voice when the prodigal son returned to the fatherís house itís so amaziní it make me picture the Fatherís love for the lost now nothiní but praises are cominí out my mouth look at this life and begin to forsake it and chase after His heart like David after salvation without a doubt cause the only escape from the sin nature is the sacredness of salvation just start takiní the narrow route this opportunity is in unity with the tri-unity of His nature for you indeed just to holler out I see my sin and I need a Savior to take me away from myself to mold and shape me at the Potterís house begin to make me like Jesus and then Iíll take it and preach it to nations and regions from New York to down South and all places between because Your grace intervenes now You takiní me makiní me clean and I gotta shout


Verse 3: Now thereís no way we can ever measure the pleasure
that You have to give us the treasure
to be able to call You Dad now what a blessing
to be in heaven forever giving you reverence
knowiní that we were born dead in our condition
before we were Christians was that of a resistant
ignorant citizen Iím meaning really bad but because we are wicked in desperate need of repentance see death should be the sentence and feeliní the Fatherís wrath but You showed us your grace by sending Your Son in our place now itís Your warm embrace in which we know we have You said Youíd never would leave us You said Youíd never forsake us see grace and faith is a gift so that way no man could brag so now Iím thankiní the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit Iím hopiní the Holy Spirit would open you so you hear it and Iím hopiní you notice that there are hope in these lyrics just follow the scriptures for wisdom and you will be glad