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Flame - Rewind
(from the album Rewind)
© copyright 2006, Cross Movement

Verse 1: Well I was chilliní in the crib afterward reading my word/ so I cut the T.V. on and I started to surf/ at first I past a channel with a preacher man/ so I said let me go back just to see what he sayiní/ reach to the left grabbed my Bible from the desk top/ he started off well Iím like yeah thatís hot/ dude was killiní it/ I started feeliní it/ even though I didnít know what scripture he was dealiní with/ so I said let me stay and see/ then he said turn to Isaiah 53/ Iím like aww yeah man that text is raw/ the very next thing he said made me drop my jaw/ I was appalled/ they offered him applause/ and 20,000 people screaminí praise the Lord/ dawg Iím like naw/ Iím laughiní it off but it was serious he was speakiní on behalf of God

Hook: Itís time/ press stop and rewind/ go back roll back right now/ with creeds and church history/ lets stop and see if we missed a beat

Verse 2: He was reading verse 5 by His stripes we are healed/ then he said cause of that we should never get ill/ and if you do get sick its from a lack of faith/ this false teaching is really exasperating/ then he said either that or some secret sin/ so if your sickness comes back you need to seek Him again/ confess your hidden sin/ and beseech Him again/ and if you doubt your sickness will come creepiní again/ so all that text was sayiní is that we shouldnít get sick man/ is that in the bible/ that same preacher man said we suppose to be rich man/ is that in the bible/ he said with my faith I can confess and posses it/ is that in the bible/ then he said Godís people shouldnít suffer/ is that in the bible/ NO


Verse 3: So I cut the T.V. off tear drop fallen to the floor/ I was sad seeing these people fallen for it/ I broke down then I started calliní to the Lord/ we canít afford to ignore this anymore/ furthermore if he would have just read verse 4/ he would have understood the context a little more/ for that matter/ should have read the whole chapter/ to see the whole point that Isaiah was after/ the whole chapter was about Jesus Christ/ and specific details about Jesusí life/ and healing in verse 5 was from our sin sickness/ you know when the Holy Ghost quickens/ I know what your feeliní/ I know you offended/ but when you repented the Spirit brought spiritual healing/ but at the glorification/ in the book of Revelation/ chapter 21:4 read the no mores