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Flame - Wars of the Mind
(from the album Rewind)
© copyright 2006, Cross Movement

Verse 1: Sometimes I feel like Moses man I just want to run to Midian/ just to change my state but not the state where my cityís in/ but my state of mind/ look for a sign like Gideon/ cause my faith is wavering Iím forsaking dependence again/ you took me from Egypt just to make me a leader/ but like Moses Iím not an eloquent speaker/ Iím not eloquent either/ not before nor after youíve spoken/ me in ministry youíve gotta be jokiní/ I feel like Jeremiah/ here are my bones Lord and here is my fire/ Iím inadequate to represent the messiah/ call me the weepiní rapper/I read a chapter then Iím heapiní up laughter/ because Iím weak and I can see the disaster of me in ministry/ I feel Job I curse the day of my birth/ since I was born its only payiní me hurt/ my insecurities worse/ sometimes I wish that that night was barren/ either that or Lord send me an Aaron

Verse 2: This song is for you my sisters and brothers who struggliní with depression/ not just the blues but a struggle with depression/ maybe itís clinical and got you taking medicine/ or maybe not but you taking counseling session and/ thatís excellent/ take your medicine/ if you need it cause this is pleasiní to Jesus/ I write this song for the schizophrenic/ who only gets left alone and throne in a hospital only to panic/ and whose family doesnít understand/ so they treat you like an animal but never would the Son of Man/ for those who ask whatís going inside of me/ who feels bound by fear bound by anxiety/ I write to you because I know the/ very God whoís in control of bipolar/ I write to those who wrestle with thoughts of suicide/ donít do it cause Jesus loves you for you He died

For every tear that you cry for all of the wars in your mind and the fears that you hide know that Heís there know that Heís walking with you I know that itís hard to press on when the nights seem so long remember His word is your hope so know that He cares know that Heís walking with you

Verse 3: The core problem is that Adam sinned/ and since then to now its 8 out of 10/ women and men and children who struggle with depression/ especially house wives and preachers theyíre people who struggle with depression/ I write this song for that introverted/ insecure person thatís training his thoughts into thinking heís worthless/ God made you/ God can save you/ in everything you can give Him worship/ youíre not worthless/ Lord I pray for the mentally ill/ that in your ministry you mentally heal/ those who suffer with it/ if not now then you eventually will heal your children that are mentally ill/ for now they suffer with it/ give us the strength just deal with your will/ because we sinners and we wrestle with it/ just like Job did it/ I write this song for those who were sexually abused/ lookiní for weaponry to use seek Jesus