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Erase - Sweet Tea
© copyright T. Collins, T. Carter, J. Painter, J. Elwood

Chorus 1

Nothing like a phat cup filling up sweet tea and ice
cooling on the porch on a summers night makes memories nice

Verse 1

God bless the child
whose got his own and he walks his own mile
looking back on my childhood
couldn't support myself but my mother could

Dad was the leader of my christian home
instilled in us that we were never alone
saying that the spirit of the family stays together forever
and there's nothing that could sever

The ties that are bound by the lows and the highs
the laughs and the cries the experience of life
you got to rake the leaves around the family tree
cause if we stray to far we might lose check me

Chorus 2

Verse 2

I remember the days gone by
family gatherings my kin folk tribe
usually happened on the Fourth of July
cousin Tob and me pumpking pie swattin' fire flies

thats the way the story goes that the way it goes
ten years later and nobody knows
what happened to the picnics but the trick is
that we remember the family stays together forever

and it doesn't take someone clever
to realize that a persons spirits tied to his family
cause the family tree is in me
and in me is the memory of what use to be

so kick a glass of ice and some sweet tea
and let the memories be

Chorus 3


Hey granny pass me some of that sweet tea
Honey their ain't no more sweet tea
There ain't no more
There ain't no more
oh lord what ya doing this for
all I want is some sweet tea and my family
(their ain't no more)

Verse 3

Sweet like chocolate sometimes dark as it
eventhough its liquid its still yet addictive
thinking back in the days when I was raised
single parent family still we kept it tight

by the grace of God eventhough times was hard
still had a joy in life phat cups of tea and ice
phat cups of tea and ice sure make the memories nice
of flipping with my family dippin with my cousing "T"

I remember get togethers 100 degree swimming weather
mouth dry and drooling looking for the cooler
cooler full of sweet tea always I could find
check the one with the phat longest of the lines

Praise to the father and the son up above
to phat cups of sweet tea I'm giving much love

Chorus 4